Yonseis - An opportunity to go to Japan will soon come

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Expensive yonseis from Brazil. Did you know that, starting in July, you will have the chance to go to Japan and live there? That's right, the Japanese government will release the visa for yonseis (4th generation Japanese descendants) in July this year.

Last year, the current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, tried to release the visa in the month of November. But the release ended up being delayed. On March 30th of this year, the government announced that the visa release is scheduled for July 2018. However, the government also imposed requirements on the yonseis who want to go to Japan.

What is the government demanding of the yonsei?

Yonseis - the opportunity to go to japan will soon come

Check below the requirements imposed on the yonseis:

  • You yonseis they will not be able to take any family members. Whether spouse, children, parents, siblings, uncles, etc. You yonseis  will have to go alone to Japan;
  • Visa will be granted only to yonseis between 18 and 30 years old;
  • have the JLPT N4 to go and toossu to renew the visa;
  • No criminal ancestors. You must have a clean record.
  • You must have health insurance.
  • And lastly, you have to have relatives living in Japan or employers to support you;

Nikkei community reaction to demands

The community nikkei (Japanese descendants) in Brazil reacted not very positively to the demands of the Japanese government. Many claimed that nisseis (2nd generation) and sanseis (3rd generation) such requirements were not met.

Many found it unfair that yonseis will have to learn the language and go to Japan alone. However, I personally see it differently.

Is the demands made on the yonseis really fair?

Yonseis - the opportunity to go to japan will soon come

“The following opinion does not represent that of all Suki Desu writers and is only an individual opinion of one of the writers” 

One of the likely reasons why the Japanese government is wanting to nikkei who speak Japanese, is the fact that there are many nisseis and sanseis who speak little or no Japanese. At the time that Japan started to issue visas for nikkei, the country needed urgent labor.

But today, Japan is not in the same urgency as before. Although Japan is at risk of labor shortages, the government of Japan has recognized that in addition to labor, they need Japanese-speaking immigrants.

And I don't see how that could be a "injustice" to the 4th generation descendants because if the citizen intends to go to Japan to stay, the least he should do is know their language.

Consequently, the yonseis will not be stuck in the niche of Brazilian communities (especially if he is not going to live in Hamamatsu). In addition, he will have more opportunities to communicate with native Japanese and become more involved in Japanese culture. Later, this will add to his stay as he will have a better and broader experience.

The yonsei having to depend on relatives in Japan for a visa can also be an advantage. Instead of depending on contractors to work in factories, he can work together with his relatives.

Although the government is demanding what was not required of nisseis and sanseis, o yonsei will have more opportunity to have a better coexistence in the country and be able to better enjoy the culture of Japan, instead of being in a bubble for not speaking Japanese and only living with Brazilians.

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