Yakatabune - A boat with tatami


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Do you know the Yakatabune? These Japanese boats are designed with an interior similar to that of a traditional Japanese house, with wooden floors. tatami, small tables to sit on the floor and other traditional features.

The yakatabune are designed to entertain with the beautiful view of the sea, the sky and the city lights. In addition to its traditional structure, the boat offers several types of food and entertainment to those who embark on this trip.

Yakatabune - a boat with tatami

Origin of Yakatabune

They were first built for aristocrats in the Heian period. At the time, river travel was the preferred method of getting around the rich because the roads were narrow, similar to hiking trails.

The Yakatabune were historically used at the time of the hanami and to have a good view of the moon. In modern times, they are used as traditional style tour boats.

Modern yakatabune boats are made of durable, lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic. However, they maintain traditional details like miyoshi an arch that is located on top of the boat, in addition to the traditional lanterns.

The yakatabune are also considered a UNESCO world heritage site. It is possible to find them in neighborhoods where there are rivers that surround the city or close to the caste. Neighborhoods like Odaiba in Tokyo and Chuo in Osaka.

Yakatabune - a boat with tatami

How does Yakatabune work?

The trip in a yakatabune usually takes about 3 hours. Boat operators treat visitors with japanese hospitality omotenashi. The dishes served in a yakatabune are usually tempura, sushi, sashimi, nabe, ramen, soba and others.

Many have lush Japanese interiors that are perfect for a romantic stroll or dinner. In many cases, cruises offer a traditional, cheerful and party-filled atmosphere.

Any time of the year can be enjoyed, the most common tours are carried out in the bay of tokyo and the river sumida. The days when fireworks are scheduled are usually the busiest.

See some videos showing the Interior and the beautiful view that this small cruise offers:

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