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Could there be a continuation of the Golden Time anime? Most want to know if this will happen?

My team and I did an internet search for a new season of the Golden Time anime series and see what we get.

Information about Golden Time

Golden Time Synopsis: – Tada Banri has just gone to college looking to find a girlfriend, he is interested in the craziest girl and obsessed with a new college friend. The name of the anime refers to the golden times that is the university in Japan, a school romance a little different from the usual.

Golden Time Review: - From the creator of Toradora, Golden Time is a Light Novel created by Yukuko Tekamiya and illustrated by Eji Komatsu. The series has a total of 11 volumes and is fully finished. The Anime has a total of 24 episodes and the manga has 9 volumes.

Golden Time new season

The chances of a new season of the Golden Time anime are extremely low, firstly because the source material is over, the anime is completely over. I don't understand why so many people still google for a sequel to Golden Time, which is why I created this article.

The Anime is really good, but unfortunately we won't see Golden Time anytime soon, maybe in a Live Action or if the author somehow miraculously decides to continue the already finished story.

Original material from the Golden Time anime

You can see the continuation or extra information of Golden Time by reading its source material.

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