White Day? The rematch on Valentine's Day!


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Everyone already knows the famous Valentine's day! But today, March 14, we are here to talk about the White Day (pronunciation: “HowaitoDee" - ホワイトデー); which is precisely the day when the chocolates received on Valentine's Day are returned.

So come on!

Why does that date have that name? To begin, let's talk about the commercial foundation that gave it all away: a marshmallow advertisement! That's right, an advertisement encouraged the rewards that enshrine this day. In the early years, the day was only known as "Marshmallow Day", however, with the incorporation of new factories with sweets and white chocolates in reference to the day indicating that their products could also serve as gifts, at some point the day turned officially White Day and although the day originated in Japan, other countries like Taiwan and South Korea also celebrate it.


The day works as follows: all lovers must return the chocolates received. However, men who do not date and received from friends, co-workers or even family members, also use this date as a gift, including some with the awareness that the girl in question did not present it for lack of courage. There is a rule, with a term to say, that boys must repay gifts with triple more expensive gifts.

It follows that some gifts have a form of meaning. Gifting with cookies can mean “I love you”, sweets mean “I like you” and white chocolate means “let's be friends”.

Currently, other types of gifts are given, such as accessories, jewelry, restaurant or hotel reservations and even trips.

White day? A revanche ao valentine’s day!

Amid Shoujos we can see references to the celebration of the day, as this is a highly anticipated and considered date by the girls.

In short, these two days, both Valentine's day and White day are both good days to give a gift to someone you care about and try to get close to co-workers, make friends or strengthen some bond!