Where will Mbappé decide to continue his young career?

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Now that Haaland's fate has been set, the next big name for this European market will be centered on Mbappé. Already considered by many to be the best football/soccer player in the world, the French international is ending his contract with PSG, being the most desired free player of that same outcome. But which team will be placing itself most likely to be able to secure its millionaire signing?

In many specialty portals, it is already possible for you to be risking on teams that are considered favorites for this race by Mbappé. For example, it is important to note that, despite not having agreed to renew with PSG, more and more experts are putting the young striker as aiming to renew his contract for the next 5 years. 

This renovation would most expensive in the history of world football/soccer, but that could happen. However, there are many rumors, and it is necessary to analyze in greater detail those options that are being announced more often in recent months.

  • Had Real Madrid already signed a promise contact with Mbappé?

In fact, until these last few months, most experts were guaranteeing that, a few months ago, the French player, together with his team, would have accepted the offer to sign Real Madrid. These rumors even guaranteed that there had already been contracts and promises that this same movement would take place in July. However, these last few weeks seem to have dictated a great turnaround.

Apparently, according to information , the player, contrary to what was being informed, still would not have committed to any team, so it would all have been speculation. However, considering the passion that Mbappé has always had with the Real Madrid team, it is only to be expected that Spain will be his main destination after all. 

  • Will Manchester United have any chance?

After several seasons of many disappointments, the reality is that Man United seem not to be willing to save anything in their costs to guarantee a quality squad, trying to fight for the Premier League title, right away. For that, it will even be necessary to aim for those players who are already considered the best in the world. With the departure, the truth is that also in terms of salaries, United will be able to have enormous freedom to sign a big name. 

That same name could now be Mbappé. without existing guarantees in relation to Real Madrid, Mbappé could now be hearing proposals, including from United. It should be noted that his biggest football/soccer idol, and inspiration as a young football/soccerer, was Cristiano Ronaldo. Therefore, this possibility of also playing alongside his greatest idol, cannot be ruled out.

- where will mbappé decide to continue his young career?

Will PSG still manage to convince Mbappé?

After turning down an offer in the order of 150 million from Real Madrid at the beginning of this season that is now ending, the reality is that the French player remains one of the team's priorities. It should be remembered that the main focus of those responsible for PSG is to be able, once and for all, to give the first title of Champions League champion to PSG. Thus, Mbappé would always be a crucial part of these plans.

However, to convince Mbappé the reality is that the French player would have to become the highest paid player in the squad and still have guarantees that he would be the biggest star of the team. Now, as you know, these demands could go against the ego and goals of names like Neymar and Messi. Hence, these negotiations are extremely demanding and even improbable.

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