What is the ending of Btoom? What happens after the anime?

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Ever wondered how Btoom ends? Did you watch the anime and are you waiting for another season until today? Want to know what happens after the manga? So, be prepared that this article will help you!

The anime “Btooom!” roughly adapts the first 50 chapters of the manga, which correspond to the first 9 volumes of the series. To continue the story after the end of the anime, you must start reading from volume 10 of the manga.

After the ending of the anime “Btooom!”, the manga continues the story and brings many developments and twists to the characters and the plot. Here are some of the major events that occur in the “Btooom!” after the end of the anime:

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What is the ending of btoom? What happens after the anime?

Phase 2 of the game Btooom!

The most significant development is the announcement of “Phase 2” of the Btooom! game, which completely changes the rules. Players now have the option to form teams of two members and must collect 14 BIM chips (instead of the original 8) to get off the island. This change in game dynamics leads to new alliances and conflicts between characters.

The Truth About Tyrannos Japan

Ryouta and Himiko discover more information about the organization behind the Btooom! game, Tyrannos Japan. They learn that the members of this organization are actually the main controllers in the game and are monitoring the players in real time. Furthermore, they discover that the game is streamed live over the internet to a worldwide audience, which bets on the players and influences the dynamics of the game.

Kira's past

The manga explores the dark past of Kira Kosuke, one of the series' main antagonists. His tragic backstory and the events that led to his becoming an assassin are revealed, providing deeper insight into his character and motivations.

New Characters and Confrontations

The manga introduces new characters such as Argentine mercenary and ex-soldier Kaname Date, who has incredible combat skills and a cunning mind. In addition, the story reveals more about the players and their special abilities, as well as their background and motivations, creating intense and exciting confrontations.

Tougou's Betrayal

Tougou, who was apparently helping Ryouta and Himiko, reveals himself as a traitor and allies himself with Date. This leads to a series of conflicts, betrayals and twists, adding to the tension and suspense in the story.

The Infiltration of Tyrannos Japan Base

Ryouta, along with a few other players, decide to attack Tyrannos Japan's base to confront the game's controllers and expose their actions. They face a number of challenges and adversaries along the way, including clashing with the organization's leader, Nobutaka Oda.

What is the ending of btoom? What happens after the anime?
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the final showdown

At the climax of the manga, a final showdown between Ryouta, Himiko, and the remaining members of the island takes place. During this confrontation, several characters face their past and their actions, while trying to survive the increasing violence and despair that surrounds the game.

Furthermore, Ryouta and Himiko are forced to make tough choices to ensure each other's safety while also facing their own inner demons.

The battle culminates in a series of dramatic and decisive events that determine the fate of the characters and the game Btooom! as a whole. Tension builds as players are faced with choices and sacrifices that will shape the outcome of the game.

The manga of “Btooom!” features two alternate endings, allowing readers to choose which ending they prefer to the story. These endings are known as “Btooom! Light” and “Btooom! Dark”. Both endings emerge from the same turning point in the story, but take different directions, leading to different outcomes.

Btooom! Light

In the "Light" ending, Ryouta and Himiko manage to get off the island and return to civilization. They take on Tyrannos Japan and work together to expose the truth behind the Btooom! and its organizers. Through their actions, Ryouta and Himiko dismantle the organization and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

After returning home, Ryouta and Himiko begin to rebuild their lives and adjust to society again. They face the traumas they suffered on the island and try to find a sense of normalcy. Eventually, the two marry and have a child, promising to stay together and support each other no matter what.

What is the ending of btoom? What happens after the anime?

Btooom! dark

In this ending, Ryouta makes the difficult decision to sacrifice himself to protect the other players and defeat the main villain. He engages in a fierce battle and ends up suffering serious injuries that lead to his death.

Rather than focusing on defeating Tyrannos Japan, the "Dark" ending explores the corruption and evil that can arise even in people who initially appear innocent. The game Btooom! continues to consume the characters, leading them down a dark path filled with violence.

With Ryouta dead, the other surviving players manage to escape the island. However, they are traumatized and heartbroken by the loss of Ryouta. They struggle to deal with grief and trauma as they try to get back to normal life and adjust to society.

Himiko especially has a hard time moving on after Ryouta's death. She strives to find purpose in life and honor Ryouta's memory, eventually becoming an activist and fighting to expose the truth behind the game Btooom! and its creators. Through her efforts, she hopes to prevent others from suffering the same fate as Ryouta and the other players.

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