What are the U.S. ETFs?

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Many people are concerned about future money, such as living expenses after retirement, and want to manage assets for the future.

However, I find it kind of uncomfortable investing all of a sudden. “I don't want to fail, but I want to start investing!” For such people, US ETFs are recommended.

This time, we are going to explain the question “What is an ETF?”

What are US ETFs?

Translated from Japanese, ETF means “listed investment fund”. When you buy a mutual fund, the funds are automatically distributed by an asset management professional, so even beginners can invest with peace of mind.

Also, since it is “listed” it is traded through a securities company, so there is no element of “suspicious investment history” that occasionally appears in the news.

A well-known US ETF is

  • Listed Index Fund US Equity (S&P500): Stock code “1547”
  • PowerShares QQQ Investment Trust Series: Stock code “QQQQ”
  • SIMPLE-XNY Dow: stock code “1679”

And so on.

Many US ETFs have stable investment performance over a long period, and the US market itself has weathered headwinds such as the “Lehman shock” and the “Great Depression”, and the stock index continues to rise. .

Novice investors who don't want to make mistakes should choose from the stocks listed above.

2021 focuses on 'Sports Betting ETFs'.

US ETFs have received a lot of attention in the past, so you may already be familiar with them; JAPANBETS also published an interesting article about sports betting ETFs.

What is a “Sports Betting ETF”?

A sports betting ETF is an investment fund that incorporates the shares of listed companies that operate and manage sports betting and online casinos.

Why have sports betting ETFs attracted attention?

The growing “demand for nest eggs” caused by the Corona disaster has led to an increase in the number of people using online sports betting across the world.

However, the legislation is not in place and the impetus for legalizing online sports betting is increasing.

Against this backdrop, in January 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his intention to legalize online sports betting.

Governor Cuomo, who was previously opposed to legalizing online sports betting, has now reversed his position and declared his support.

Factors include sports betting tax

New Jersey, the neighboring state of New York, legalized online sports betting in 2018, further spurring sports betting in the state.

The “sports betting fee” generated from this has become a valuable source of revenue for New Jersey's coffers.

New York State could also generate up to $500 million a year if online sports betting were legalized.

Stocks in 'Sports Betting ETFs'

The leading sports betting company ETF is Round Hill Sports Betting and iGaming ETF, which incorporates 39 sports betting companies.

It skyrocketed in value immediately after the aforementioned news of New York State's legalization of online sports betting, hitting its highest price since it was listed.
However, caution should be exercised when investing in the ETF, as it was created in 2020 and has been in operation for a short time, and the inflow and outflow of funds is intense.


Despite the Corona disaster, the US market is performing well. It is no exaggeration to say that this is driven by industries such as online sports betting and eSports.

Online sports betting and its ETFs will be the focus of increasing attention in the years to come, so check it out! *Investment is at your own risk.

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