What is Anime?

Anime is a Japanese term that translates to 'animated pictures' and is the umbrella term under which video games and animated television shows are categorized.

An anime fan is called an otaku in Japanese. As the word suggests, anime is also characterized by its characters' ability to move with fluidity and grace.

Although the concept of anime has spread to other countries, it is most popular among teenagers and adults.

Anime is a Japanese entertainment genre created for adults and children. It is characterized by the use of visual arts and music to tell a story.

The most common anime genres are action, comedy, drama, fantasy, martial arts, adventure, and science fiction or supernatural horror.

Popular characters in anime include Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto from Naruto and Sasuke from Sasuke/Naruto as well as the famous Luffy/One Piece.

The anime also gave rise to new concepts, such as character design, directing and writing, as well as a new category of television series on closed channels and apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and among others.

For example, the character Atsuko 'Skojo' Tanaka created the directing style we know today using cut scenes in her shows.

The anime is based on Japanese and Asian mythology, history and culture. There are anime based on stories from China, Japan, Korea, India and Thailand, as well as movies made in those countries.

Some of the most famous anime characters fight with weapons, such as swords or guns, and in this new rise of anime, the authors' creativity has brought more life and colors to our screens, as well as many characters with special powers.

Other shows have characters exploring huge buildings or spaceships while trying to solve a mystery.

Some shows take place in contemporary times with modern conveniences; others take place in fantasy worlds where magic is present.

Popular genres among children are shōnen (boy) and shōjo (girl), action/adventure and comedy/drama, respectively.

This makes it easy for anyone to find something they like without having to search a lot or spend money on it.

Anime is available online through streaming sites like YouTube or Crunchyroll, along with apps that allow you to watch it on your phone or tablet anywhere you have cell service.

There are also conventions where you can meet actors from your favorite shows and buy merchandise from production companies.

Although some consider anime to be a cult phenomenon, it has gained enormous popularity among teenagers and adults alike in many countries around the world.

It not only provides entertainment for people of all ages, but also provides inspiration for many innovative concepts such as character design or writing techniques used in animation programs.

Since everyone has access to this form of Japanese culture, everyone can become a part of the growing world of anime!

What are the current Anime?

What are some classic anime that are still popular today?

Shonen anime is one of the most popular animation genres in Japan. Do you know? Furthermore, they may have very different genres and histories, although they share common traits that define them.

Games like Fullmetal Alchemist, Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan topped the list.

Some titles have become popular enough to become true cartoon classics, while others are unexpected on the list.

But at the end of the day, which anime is getting the most attention from audiences this time of year? That's what we're going to learn today!

But here's a preview of the most accessed at the moment:

  • Boku no Hero;
  • Attack on Titan;
  • Demon Slayer;
  • One Piece;
  • Komi Can't Communicate

Another classic that appeared in Japan a long time ago and received more attention is Doraemon.

In fact, the anime consists of three series of the same name: the first aired in 1973 with few episodes, the second aired from 1979 to 2005 and finally in HD since 2005, followed by other movies, specials and series to this day.

Across Japan, young Nobita is aided by Doraemon the Doraemon, a visitor from the future tasked with preventing Nobita from becoming an interrupted adult through his wacky inventions.

Doraemon has already come to Brazil twice: the second series has some episodes starring Manchete on Angélica's show, and the current series has a season available on streaming services and Band.

What are the most popular anime currently airing?

Along with series and movies, anime is one of the most famous and viewed media today. With that in mind, Broadband Choices, a company specializing in cell phones, TV and the internet, carried out a survey to reveal the most popular anime in the world. Verification takes place in 93 countries and is based on the number of searches. Check out five of the most famous:

For those who want to know the most popular and watched anime in the world, we decided to translate the article from the Japanese website Webzine, which lists the most popular series of all time, which can be watched on Prime Video and/or Netflix.

Broadband Choices has identified the 10 most searched anime of 2022 (so far). In recent years, the animation genre has grown in popularity, becoming a real craze among children, young people and adults, regardless of age.

Written by: Mellany Sofia

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