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On the internet, there are some websites where it’s possible for you to not only learn grammar, vocabulary and kanji content but also do Japanese exercises. There is a list below of websites where you can learn and practice your Japanese more effectively. Links for the websites will be available throughout the article.

Note: Jisho is not included in the list since it is an online dictionary.

Japanese Test 4 You


Japanese Test 4 You was launched in 2014 with the main goal of offering Japanese-speaking students around the world hundreds of free online practice tests. Meanwhile, many new features like flashcards, infographics, etc., have been added to help people learn Japanese more easily and effectively. This is a good opportunity to learn the language without relying on old mtehods.

If you are a manga/anime lover, instead of learning boring phrases for textbooks, you can learn interesting phrases from popular manga/anime like One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, etc. If you are a traveler or someone who has just arrived in Japan and needs to learn common phrases quickly, you can download infographics.

Learn Japanese and Tae Kim’s blog websites

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Here you will find a lot of information to help you learn Japanese. This site has two guides to help you on your way to full Japanese fluency. The guides avoids lengthy and complicated explanations. It teaches essential grammar and vocabulary through examples, interesting dialogues and suggestions for practical applications.

Japanese Pod 101

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Japanese Pod 101 has a repository of more than 2,000 Japanese podcasts. All you have to do is indicate your Japanese language ability. You’ll be nodding along to Japanese chitchat in no time. Japanese Pod 101 is updated with new lessons every week. With material geared towards absolute beginners all the way up to advanced learners nearing fluency.


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In Animelon website you can choose which subtitles will appear in the video, you can remove English subtitles, put subtitles in hiragana and/or katakana. You can create a loop of a certain phrase and repeat it until you learn it. The site still offers tools for those who create an account and even tests for phrases and vocabulary.


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