What is the meaning of Kawaii?  

Do you know him kawaii meaning [可愛い]? That Japanese word means something like cute and things like that.  Kawaii also involves sweet, kind, lovely, precious, sweet and even tiny things.      

It is believed that the origin of the word comes from kawayushi [かはゆし] which refers to the feeling of sympathy for the other person’s misfortune.  We can see this usage today in the expression kawaisou [可哀想] which means poor, pitiful, poor thing. 

In modern times, even artificial objects that do not have the characteristics of humans and living beings can be recognized and evaluated as "cute".  Even the shape of things in Japan can be considered kawaii. Curved shapes, such as circles and spheres, are more likely to be rated as “fluffy”. 

Kawaii as an aesthetic concept started in the 70s, with the growth of the Japanese economy and the commercialization of products related to mascots and anime and manga characters.  The illustrations of cute girls, shoujo manga and product marketing were responsible for this phenomenon.