Tips and Rules for Eating with Chopsticks 

Do you know all about the chopsticks that the Japanese and other Asian countries use to eat? Do you know the correct way to hold chopsticks? Let's share some tips and rules on how to use chopsticks.    

The correct thing is to hold the chopsticks with the right hand and use the left to lift the rice and soup bowls to eat. And never pick up the food in an upright position, but from the sides.  

In most restaurants you will be given a stand to put the chopsticks in, so just use it.  Never, ever put chopsticks vertically on the plate, especially on rice, because this is similar to a ceremony held at funerals in Japan.  

It is very common for the Japanese to leave trays full of sushi or other food for you to pick up and put on your plate, so never take food directly from the public tray and eat it, you must put it on your plate first. 

Don't use chopsticks, to dig for other foods on the plate, eat normally, taking what you can.