Sayonara - Different ways to say goodbye in Japanese

Many imagine that the main way to say goodbye in Japanese is sayonara. This is a big mistake! The Japanese do not use sayonara daily! Sayonara means goodbye, do you often say goodbye often? 

Jyane and matane are more common and informal ways of saying goodbye in Japanese. The two words mean something like see you later, there are many variations in how to use this expression that can make it more formal or more informal. 

Jyaa - See you;  Jyaa ne - See you later;  Mata ne - See you later;  Jyaa Mata - See you later;  Kills act of - See you later; Mata kondo - See you soon;  Mata ne - See you later

Ittekimasu and Itterashai are used indoors when someone is absent or returns, it is like saying:  I'm leaving... and the person who stays says: Go in peace / Go well on your way, go carefully, come back soon ...