Know the Meaning from Ikigai  

The word Ikigai is used to represent the purpose of life, the purpose of a person's life, a force that motivates the reason for living.  

The word iki-gai is written with the ideograms  [生き甲斐] is a word that represents a goal in life, something to keep living for. Its meaning is quite strong and should not be used lightly. 

The concept of Ikigai is believed to have historical origins and meanings from the Heian period. Some link this word with concepts involving passion and skills, in addition to the words yarigai meaning value of doing and hatarakigai meaning value of working. 

Ikigai is a way of life that aims to bring harmony, longevity and satisfaction. The aim is to find answers to questions such as: - What do you love? – What are you good at? – When does the world need you? – What can you get paid for? 

In fact, Ikigai can be compared with other interesting concepts like the kaizen method and other Japanese concepts.  He is strongly linked with Coaching, many apply it in their professional life.