Know 10 Japanese Dragons

ryujin is a dragon god that lives in the ocean and appears in several Japanese myths. He turns into a human and stole priceless jewelry from a prince.

Both are daughters of the Dragon God, Otohime being a character in the famous Urashima legend Taro.

Dragon with 8 heads, 8 tails and red eyes with moss and trees on its back.

Kiyohime had a romance with a healer named Anchin, one day he lost interest and ran away, making the girl angry and turning her into a chasing dragon. 

It is a rain dragon god mentioned in Buddhist stories and in the Kyoto Imperial Palace. He is a small dragon that usually appears in human form, but with his dragon tail.

There are two legends involving 4 protective creatures. In one of them the 4 creatures of green, red, black and white protect the Japanese cities, in another there are four dragons that protect the seas.