Because of their friendly and loving ways, dogs are one of the most loved animal species in the world. Although the Japanese are known for their preference for cats, Japan also has fascinating dog breeds. Shall we meet some?

The Shikoku Inu is a dog from the Kochi region of Japan. This is a region that is difficult to access, so this breed is considered one of the purest, as crossing with other breeds becomes more difficult. Shikoku Inu dogs tend to have a docile behavior and are loving towards their owners.

The Hokkaido It is a breed descended from the medium-sized dogs that accompanied immigrants from Honshu to the island of Hokkaido during the Kamakura era in the 17th century. As a strong and cold-resistant breed, the Hokkaidos adapt well to mountainous regions, so they were used to hunt large animals such as the grizzly bear.

Result of the crossing of western races with the Shikoku Inu, breed dogs clipping are known to be fighters. This is the largest breed of Japanese origin.  They usually don't like strangers very much, but he gets very attached to family members, and can be a great watchdog for your home.

Kishu is one of the oldest breeds we know, at least 3000 years old. It received this name because of the place of origin, which is called Kishu.  Because of their remarkable courage, these dogs were used to hunt wild boar and other animals much larger than themselves.