Japan in Japanese  Is it Nippon or Nihon? 

Have you ever wondered why in Japan the country is called  Nihon and Nippon Or have you ever wondered why the West calls the country Japan?  

   As the introduction suggested Japan in Japanese is nihon or nippon [日本] both written in the same way.  There are these two forms because of the ideograms that have multiple readings readings. Both ways are correct! 

In the Japanese language, the name Japan is spelled [日本] where [日] means sun and [本] means origin.  For this reason, Japan is known as the land of the rising sun.

Before it became an official country it was called wa  becoming what we know in Japanese from wakoku . Over time  the name was establishing itself as wamato and then yamato which means something like behind the mountain. 

This happened because Marco Polo got to know Japan through the Chinese who pronounced the ideograms [日本] as Zipangu . Marco Polo transformed Zipangu into Jipen which later became English in Japan and in Brazil became Japan.