How to win  diamonds Free No  Free Fire

Many want Diamonds in FreeFire but cannot buy, fortunately some apps allow you to earn money to exchange them for diamonds. 

Today you will know some ways to get free diamonds, just perform some tasks and download some Apps!

Some social networks like Tiktok and Kwai pay users to consume content or invite new people to use the platform.  With few guests you may be able to buy your Diamonds on FreeFire without actually taking it out of your pocket. 

There are codes ready to put in FreeFire that can reward the player with some item, skin or even diamonds.  These codes are shared by specific websites, events, promotions and generated automatically...

Some apps in our original article allow the user to earn money by answering polls or quiz provided by big companies.  Even Google itself has an official application that allows the person to accumulate balance on Google Play or Paypal to use with the purchase of Diamonds on Free Fire. 

This app allows you to accumulate points by reading news to then exchange them for money to use on Free Fire. You can also profit by inviting friends or completing tasks.

The Dreame App allows you to earn money to use with diamonds on Freefire by reading Ebooks.  A fun way to earn a little, reading books and articles that interest you, inviting friends and doing chores.

– Fluid Market – ClipClap – Toluna – S'more  – OfferUp – Acorn – Userfeel – MoneyApp

– Rakuten – eBay  – SweatCoin  – Swagbuck – Bookscouter – iPoll – Achievements  – Craigslist – Uber – Slidejoy