greatest anime of all time (number of episodes)  

When we think of anime with many episodes, we think of One Piece, Naruto and etc. However, we must remember that there is an infinity of anime with more than 100 episodes. Check out a preview of the longest animes!       

Sazae-san debuted in 1969 and is considered the longest running animation in production. The anime has around 7,542 episodes eventually suffering from an addition as it is in production. 

Nintama Rantarō is a 1993 anime that tells the story of Rantarō and his friends at a school for Ninjas. The animation has around 2,113 episodes and is currently in production.

Nintama Rantaro

Oyako Club is an animated series that ran from 1994 to 2013. The anime tells the story of Rompa and Lun two aliens who join a human family. The anime has 1,818.   

Doraemon is an anime about a robotic cat named Doraemon who travels back in time two centuries in the past to help a clumsy student named Nobita Nobi. The anime has 1,787.

Ojarumaru is a 1998 anime that is still in production. The animation tells the story of a prince who travels back in time to modern Japan where he has to escape from three oni who are after a scepter he stole.