The 8 Best Apps to Learn Japanese


One of the most famous Japanese apps for smartphones, it is very complete, it has exercises, flash cards, quizzes to help you memorize words, kanji and even phrases. He has the option to draw, in addition to taking basic classes on Japanese grammar.

6 - Netflix

By activating subtitles and watching Japanese anime, series, movies and dramas you will be able to learn Japanese more easily. 

5 - Rosetta Stone

It has a range of lessons with short as well as long periods. Added to various learning tools, with training in Listening and Speaking.


A famous app, which supports multiple languages. Now he teaches Japanese in a very practical way, even bringing in native voices and using a great memorization system. It has a pro version.


We invite you to learn Japanese through our social media, youtube channel and our website In addition to traditional classes, we teach Japanese with elements of Japanese culture such as anime, manga and others. Just drag it up and meet our project!

3 - JISHO and similar apps that use its API is an indispensable app for those who study Japanese and need to consult a complete dictionary with phrases, spelling, synonyms and others.


It is an application aimed at learning Asian languages. The main ones are: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  It separates useful vocabulary and grammars for beginners, giving a good idea for those who have never studied Japanese.

1 - ANKI

A spaced memorization program that helps you review the things you study through flashcards at the right time. One of the most famous apps used for learning things.


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