6 Curiosities about Japanese Geishas 

Do you know what a geisha is? What is their story in Japan? Are they really prostitutes?  We made a little compilation to explain about geishas in a simple and practical way.     

Geisha or Geisha [芸者] are Japanese women who study the age-old tradition of art, dance and singing.  In Japan, being a geisha is a cultural condition, symbolic and full of status, delicacy and tradition. 

They work in places called Ochaya, which are the teahouses where they offer entertainment consisting of conversations, flirting, drinks, traditional games, musical shows, singing and dancing.  

On the contrary, Geishas were created for entertainment without sex, they were forbidden to sell sex.  Geisha customers sometimes fall in love and are deluded, but they need to realize that they will never have a geisha in their arms.  

Geisha also couldn’t get involved in serious relationships.  If they decided to marry, for example, the geisha was forced to retire permanently from the profession. 

Gion Matsuri is one of the most famous festivals in Japan, and also the longest happening throughout the month of July.  This festival is held in Kyoto in the Gion geisha district. This is a festival full of attractions. 

Kyoto has several geisha or hanamachi districts, known for their Ochaya tea houses.  The atmosphere of the hanamachi brings you back to the Edo era, most of these districts are filled with restaurants and nightlife attractions.