Want to buy products from Japan? Find out now how to do it

The Japan is a country that fascinates the whole world for its culture, technology and diversified products, and the big question for many Brazilians is how to buy the items e  import them, in a quiet and secure way.

The internet has broken down many barriers, but there is still some difficulty, and the main complaints are about the fact that some sellers are not interested in the foreign market, keeping the sites and service without translation, and limiting the form of payment.

But all you need to know is the right path, mapped out in this article, and you can make your purchases with complete ease, ensuring that you enjoy the news and amenities on the other side of the world.

Yodobashi Camera - Japan's largest electronics store

Japanese Products Purchase FAQ

We will answer several frequently asked questions that arise when searching for a new item, how and where to choose them, forms and average delivery time, as well as valuable saving tips.

Japanese products are differentiated items, both for end consumers and entrepreneurs, who can invest in resellers, or even for entrepreneurs looking for machinery, parts and articles as raw material for their business.

If you search from a Toyota forklift, manga or a state-of-the-art video game, know that this article will be very useful. Keep reading and check it out!

Why do we love the products there?

If there is a brand of Japanese products, it is creativity, from anime, to clothing and electronics, the products of this Asian country are full of imagination. It is a plethora of exclusive products, in addition to daily news arriving on the market. 

In Japan there are several products that are not available anywhere else in the world, as well as the prices of some products, especially those involving more technology, such as electronics, much cheaper than those circulating here.

Also, it is the best product market vintage and second-hand products from the planet: used ones are very well preserved, almost new, because culturally the Japanese take great care of their things.

When buying one balcony shutter second-hand, for example, will certainly receive an article in excellent condition.

Uniqlo - the cheapest clothing store in japan

But where can I buy it?

As we mentioned, some sites are not translated, but we selected a list with the classics, which allow a smooth navigation. It's still good to have a sense of English, and you'll agree with us that it's a lot easier to get by than Japanese.

There are several means, such as e-commerce, auctions, applications for marketplace, and second-hand products. See our tips:


E-commerce is a very popular modality in the land of the rising sun, present in the daily lives of the Japanese. 

There are more generalist options, stores specializing in a product, such as in aluminum guardrail, or specific niche boutiques. Here's the list we promised:

  • Amazon Japan, following the Amazon model we know;
  • Uniqlo or Zozotown, specialized in clothing, with exclusive lines;
  • Animate, Toranoana or MelonBooks are the most suitable for manga;
  • Tower Records, for J-Pop fans;
  • Suruga-ya, one of the biggest names in cultural products;
  • Bandai, Square Enix and Capcom are boutiques in games.
  • Play-Asia – Anime Games and Products;
Amazon - the largest online store in japan and the world


Yahoo Auctions is the leader in this market in the East, being one of the most visited sites in the country. For collectors, it is undoubtedly a gold mine: there you will find a wide range of limited edition items and products vintage differentiated.

second hand market 

There are some products that need to be top notch, for example a good sound insulation foam, but many products provide excellent value for money when purchased second-hand.

In the case of used Japanese products, it is very rare to receive a damaged or poorly maintained item, as mentioned above. Mandarake is the best known chain of second-hand stores, very popular among rarity collectors.

However, for this market, as well as in auctions, when negotiating a mixing equipment for light concrete, for example, you will most likely have to interact in Japanese, as transactions take place directly with the former owners.

And for the import, you will certainly need a transient or proxy purchase service. We'll talk about that later.

Marketplace Applications

Increasingly popular, person-to-person C2C marketplace applications, in this case, are a simple option and can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer, all you need is a browser web.

Thus, Mercari, Otamart and Rakuma are examples of where you will find products that only exist in Japan.

What are the best import methods?

Now that you know where to purchase equipment for installing a access control for condominiums, directly with Japanese merchants, for example, let's talk about ways to place your order:

import stores

This is the most popular solution for your shopping, however the prices are a little higher, especially for rare items, in addition to the stock that, in general, is very limited. 

It's the best choice if your interest is in food, like the curious snacks and Japanese sweets, but if you are looking for a specific product, you will probably have to look for other options.

Proxy Purchase Services

This service is performed by companies that intermediate purchases, and it is very simple, see the example: 

you send to buyer-proxy, which has a shipping address in Japan, the manufacturer's website floor ceiling partition and the specifications about the product(s) you want.

He returns with a quote for his service, which includes his time and costs of transporting the goods.

At the end of the negotiation, he makes the purchases, receives the orders and then you define the form of international shipping, which can be through Japanese postal services or private carriers, and he does the postage.

Values are variable and can be high in some cases, but it is the best solution for very specific products, such as a special cell phone model. You are notified throughout the process, which is a very safe means.

Use of Freight Forwarders

The freight forwarders service is even simpler: you purchase the product and ship it to the address defined by the freight forwarder, and it does the international postage for you. 

Should I choose Freight Forwarder or Buy Proxi?

These services are the solution when the seller does not post internationally. The use of freight forwarders is the best choice if you are fluent in the Japanese language, as you can easily shop at the sites or by the P2P model.

But if this is not your case, we recommend purchases proxi, as the entire transaction is resolved by the buyer. That way, you can buy private products with Japanese who don't speak another language, as well as buy through auctions, with ease.

It is also the best way to resolve when the seller does not accept international payment methods.

What is the best Postal Service?

As mentioned, for international postage you can opt for Japanese postal services or private carriers. 

If you purchased the structure for a retractable glass cover, for example, just decide which one to use based on price and delivery time.

Amazon - the largest online store in japan and the world

Japanese Postal Services 

In the country's own postal services, there are several methods, which, as mentioned, vary both in price and in delivery, which ranges from one week to up to 3 months. Check out our ranking:

1st: Express Mail Service (EMS), faster and more expensive, takes between 1 and 2 weeks;

2nd : Air Mail, cheaper, takes between 9 and 20 days, or 20 to 45 (economy mode);

3°: Maritime Mail, cheaper and more time consuming. It may take up to 90 days.

Private Carriers

These are the traditional delivery companies, that is, you can receive your orders in a few days, but it is much more expensive than the previous options, but they are very useful for those who are in a hurry to receive them.

What are the best products to buy in Japan?

The options are really diversified, with unique items and you may not even imagine that there are some options. A quick Google search will show the diversity of interesting products and “differences”.

The most imported products are those in the technology area, such as electronics and games, being much cheaper there and they can come without taxes. However, be aware of the compatibility of the items chosen with the technology available here.

Anime-related products are also very popular, such as miniatures, manga, DVDs, clothing items, among others.

Manga box - collection of manga and complete novels

Final considerations

Obviously a  easiest way to import your products from Japan is by Internet, and this is getting easier, especially after reading all these tips.

Our final advice is to always make sure the site is trustworthy, so you don't run into problems. Remember, look for reviews.


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