Want to be an Anime Designer? Take a good drawing course

Some hope to learn how to draw their favorite characters, while others want to create new characters and develop their own stories.

You can learn to draw linearts, paint and use digital art programs. You can also learn how to draw on paper and apply art to it.

People who want to excel at drawing often overlook the importance of natural talent. Instead, they need to focus on dedication, hard work and patience. Anyone can learn to draw regardless of their talent level.

It is critical to choose a web option that interests you so that you can take advantage of multiple options.

Japanese comics come with a huge audience all over the world. Called manga, these stories often serve as inspiration for animated TV shows that have a larger audience than the movies.

Many young people like to read stories in magazines printed in black and white like the American version. These readers read from the bottom of each page to the front and start at the last frame of each page. They also read in reverse to standard Western methodology.

Discover the best courses to learn to draw anime

It is crucial to choose the best learning path for the intended outcomes.

Before making a proper decision, it's important to understand your ultimate goals, how much time you have available to study and how long you want to achieve them.

See our list of options to choose the best course based on your personal goals.


A class offered at a drawing school that teaches the art of drawing through fanspam methods.

The Fanart Method 3.0 provides a precise method of instruction aimed at teaching students how to draw popular anime characters without any prior knowledge.

The drawing classes were a dream come true for more than 100,000 students of all ages.

Students can quickly learn how to draw any anime character using a pencil and sheet of paper with the course. They can also learn about the structure used by the creator of the anime using the same methods.

The course has 35 didactic video classes with practical exercises that are available for lifetime access. In addition, it is 100% online and has more than one hundred exercises.

Certificate Online Courses

The Online Courses Certificate platform presents its students with an excellent Free Drawing Course, with several classes on character creation and anime stories.

Several students have already learned to draw anime with the help of Desenhando Anime – a method that teaches basic to advanced drawing in a few days.

Anyone can learn to draw without gifts by learning simple methods. Doing this does not require copying bad designs, the material of which reinforces the design is not a gift.

Brazil Distance Learning

Drawing anime is a practical and fast teaching method than traditional drawing methods.

Before understanding an anime concept, students first learn to think like professional designers by drawing their first anime professionally. They also learn to use drawing techniques that beginners and novices alike can use.


Eudetenis is a creative duo formed by Paulo and Giovana, both teachers, the creators of the course.

Students can learn about the careers of famous artists and anime creators by examining their artistic influence. In addition, they can learn about their professional trajectories through studying their academic classes.

The course teaches the fundamentals of creating manga, including defining your character's personality traits in advance.

Students learn important skills and practice before creating a finished model with a professionally created profile that mimics a manga style.

Better Draw Course

People interested in drawing anime can take the Draw Better course to learn how to have a better understanding of the subject.

Professional manga and anime artist Anderson Silva owns and operates the Esboços e Artes channel, which features drawing tips and videos.

The package includes five components that provide a starting point for drawing. It also adds some bonus lessons.

The first section of the course is aimed at beginners; deals with the study of various parts of the body, including the eyes, face, and general anatomy.

Andrea Jen

Creating manga characters requires understanding different personality traits.

This course on creating aesthetic manga-style characters teaches you the ideas behind creating your characters as well as drawing them. Teachers will teach you how to create each character's expressions and general designs.

A task that requires students to incorporate an alphabet, a character creation process, and information about material included in the manga.

Andrea Jen began to understand her artistic influences after taking the first steps in her education. She uses this as the basis of her course.

The presentation focuses on the history of Japanese manga and its importance to Japanese society.

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