The difficulty and lack of tourist visa information for Japan


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Do you intend to get a tourist visa to visit Japan? So you need to read this article to be prepared without having to put up with the confusion caused by Japanese embassies and consulates in Brazil. Because despite being something Japanese, the bureaucracies and lack of information is as huge as in Brazil.

My goal is not to criticize or say things about my own idea. I just want to share my experience and disappointment of being Brazilian and the bureaucracy and confusion I faced. I don't want to criticize anyone, not least because I was well attended by everyone at the embassy, and even the consulate of São Paulo answered me, so I can only thank you!

If you plan to visit Japan for a maximum of 1 month, things will be easy, especially if you do not live in the Midwest region where the jurisdiction is at the Japanese Embassy in Brasilia (they are more strict). Just take all requested documents and have more than 15 thousand in the account that you can get a visa without problems.

The visa for my trip in 2016 was one of the easiest things I have ever done. Despite having to leave the embassy about 2 times to print documents that were requested at the time and change my itinerary to fewer days, because according to them, 12 thousand was insufficient for a 30-day visa, I did a 17-day itinerary and gained 30 days , Go figure?

And it is useless to say that you will win 10,000 next month, because they will not consider it. Maybe if you have a paycheck and a formal contract, but I work online on my own, then it's hard to prove that I have a fixed monthly income (and I really don't have anything fixed lol).

The issue is in 2018, where I'm trying to get a 90-day visa to get the most out of Japan, as a month goes by too fast. What makes me indignant is the bureaucracy that Brazilians face for this, being that Japanese people have every facility to live or visit Brazil. It seems that Brazilians only splinter in life, especially because:

Europeans can stay up to 90 days in Japan without a visa, and English people can stay up to 6 months without a visa. Is Brazilian? Chipped!

The information on the embassy website

In 2016 when I went to get the visa, the information on the website was correct and cute, but at some point in 2017 they took some information from the Japanese embassy website that says the need for hotel reservations and bank vouchers and statements. Although you are not asking for this, do not forget to take them.

This led me to think that the visa was easier, so I took only the requested documents so that when I get there I will be forced to run after Itau's lan-houses and banks that are more than 2km away from the Japanese embassy in Brasilia . I live 100 km from the embassy, and I had to return home without applying for a visa, now imagine who lives in another state?

I believe that clarifying all the doubts that people have regarding the visa on a specific page of the website would decrease all the work that they have in answering emails and answering phones. Simply edit all questions received and answered and post on a FAQ page.

Did you know that even Argentines, Chileans and Uruguayans do not need a visa to visit Japan?

The differences between consulates and the Japanese embassy

For some reason, there are differences in the documents requested from the embassies in Brasilia and the consulates in São Paulo, Rio and other regions of Brazil. For example, the consulate of São Paulo said that I can send the documents of the visit of friends and relatives by email or fax, whereas the embassy in Brasília apparently only accepts documents received by the post office.

In other words, because I live in the Midwest, do I have to wait months for a letter to arrive to get the visa? In the meantime, many changes can occur in the plans, such as the date of travel, the duration of the trip, etc. I cannot understand why São Paulo accepts print and e-mail, but Brasilia does not. Even because the lady at the embassy commented that the visas are approved by someone from São Paulo (I remember). Holy Logic!

Not to mention that the travel form itself says that I do not need a guarantor if I am going to pay for the expenses, but to visit friends and relatives the embassy asks for all documentation and a guarantee letter that obliges the person from Japan to be responsible for me , something that apparently doesn't happen at other Japanese consulates.

A dificuldade e falta de informação do visto de turista pro japão

The confusion with income tax

I am MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur) and basically I do not need to declare IR (Income Tax), but I do this every year just to get a visa, which necessarily requires IR, something that I find totally unfair to those who do not need declare (otherwise you will need to be a dependent).

The big problem is that I just put the total amount received in my CNPJ divided into taxable earnings and non-taxable earnings. Then the lady at the embassy said that my income tax is not very detailed and did not let me try to apply for the 90-day visa, which made me go back to my house 100 kilometers away, indignant!

This is forcing me to rectify my income tax to see if I can put in some extra details, something very complicated. I'm also going to have to wait for some money to fall, since they don't look like my bank statement. If you intend to stay in Japan for 3 months, have at least 50 thousand in your account, and look that you may still find it insufficient.

What makes me more indignant is why does last year's income tax reflect my earnings this year? It has nothing to do with what I won last year with 2018 ...

Next attempt to get a tourist visa for Japan

I will try again to get a visa to travel at least 60 days, this time I will rectify my income tax and take all my MEI documentation and some extracts and extra documents to prove that I am able to get by in Japan. I would ask for a letter of invitation, but it seems that the Japanese Embassy in Brasilia only accepts via post…

The bad thing is the high dollar, the price of tickets. If I do not accept my 90-day visa until the end of September, I will have to postpone my trip to March next year. I am an anxious person and I will die until then ... I have nothing to say other than: It is sad to be Brazilian and to be poor ... I wish someone would show up to sponsor me.