Uchuu Kyoudai - The best anime that nobody knows


In this article, I want to talk about an anime that was quite successful in Japan and was always in the most watched ranking of the week during its exhibition, but which unfortunately did not make any success in Brazil among anime fans. Let's talk about Uchuu Kyoudai | 宇宙兄弟 | Space Brothers or space brothers.

Unfortunately many are fooled by synopsis which talks about 2 brothers with a dream of becoming astronauts and the whole process they do to make that dream come true. It looks like an uninteresting synopsis or another slice of life that doesn't please everyone. Only this anime is so wonderful that it managed to stay in my top 3 best anime of my life.

Uchuu Kyoudai is proof that anime can inspire lives much better than movies and without using elaborate struggles or supporting themselves in clichés! Only with a captivating and pleasant story!

This work of art can go far beyond a slice of life or everyday drama. The anime is full of comedy, adventure, suspense and even psychological thriller. As soon as you start watching the first episode, you’ll have a good introduction and an epic heart-wrenching soundtrack.

Uchuu kyoudai - o melhor anime que ninguém conhece

This anime was so unknown during its screening in Brazil that I had to wait weeks for the only small site called HeroSub Caption the episode. From the desire to go out into the world and scream everyone watch Uchuu Kyoudai! It was quite painful to follow this anime and wait more than a week to watch the episodes that hold from beginning to end.


Uchuu Kyoudai was one of the great inspirations and incentives that I had to pursue my dreams with the website and with the trip to Japan.

Talking a little about Uchuu Kyodai

The manga with more than 300 chapters was written by Chūya Koyama and published in the magazine Weekly Morning by Kodansha since December 2007. The manga was nominated twice for Manga Taisho and won in addition to anime, a film live action quality and an animated film. The anime adaptation has 99 episodes!

This work is considered a Seinen and aimed mainly at the adult audience and the whole family. The anime is very realistic and comes out of cliches of magical worlds, aliens or fantasy villains. He manages to be totally balanced and deliver all the emotions of watching an anime in the right measure.

All the characters in the work manage to be charismatic, as much as some believe that anime of daily life are stopped or do not arrest, it will totally change the concept when watching Uchuu Kyoudai.

Uchuu kyoudai - o melhor anime que ninguém conhece

You can watch the entire anime on the Crunchyroll website by clicking here. 

What will you see in Irmãos do Espaçø?

The work begins by making references to important events in the history of mankind (nothing related to space). Soon the 2 main characters are introduced, one older brother with a weird appearance that ends up not being so successful. The other brother is a heartthrob who managed to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

The unsuccessful brother named Mutta who ends up losing his job decides to chase his childhood dream and reach his brother. It seems like a simple and boring story, but you really have no idea how deep this work can be and captivate everyone who watches.


The anime comedy manages to be much more mature than the popular comedy anime nonsense of today. A reference work suitable for all ages and culture. Anime manages to explore diverse cultures in addition to traditional Japanese culture by introducing characters from other countries such as the USA and Russia.

Uchuu kyoudai - o melhor anime que ninguém conhece

It is not a science fiction or a story about aliens. It is a story about overcoming and friendship between two brothers. Is very beautiful! Each episode is immersive, full of surprises that make you want to watch endlessly!

Something that draws a lot of attention in the work is its theme and how it is approached realistically. From the trainings that simulate daily life in space like the countless spaceships. When you finish the anime you will finally understand why some have the dream of going to space!

The anime manages to keep you stuck and a great quality animation even with the high number of episodes. You will end the anime with that taste of more I want, and you will end up running for Live Action which also managed to be great. This anime is perfect and everyone should watch! Father, mother, friends, grandparents, dogs, parrots, neighbors ...