Traveling to Japan Guide - List

Want to travel to Japan but don't know where to start? Visa difficulties? How much does a trip to Japan cost? In these long years of Suki Desu we have written several articles addressing the topic of travel to Japan. In this article we want to make a guide and list to facilitate your research and navigation on this subject.

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Traveling to japan - definitive guide - list

Is a trip to Japan expensive?

Most people believe that traveling to Japan is too expensive because of the distance or the cost of living. The great truth is that sometimes it is cheaper to travel to Japan than inside Brazil. Airfares usually have the same price range regardless of distance. The articles below will clear up some doubts on this subject:

If you have a visa from the USA you can buy cheap tickets for up to less than 3000 BRL compared to other airlines that do not need a visa to make stops. If you do not have a US visa, we recommend Emirates or AirFrance.

Food in Japan is as cheap as in Brazil. You will spend an average of 15 to 30 BRL per meal no matter what type of restaurant, hardly anything fancy will exceed 3000 yen (90 reais). If you have questions about money in Japan, we recommend reading the articles below:

Traveling to japan - definitive guide - list

Where to find cheap accommodation in Japan?

The fact that Japan is a small and crowded country makes us think that accommodation in Japan is something absurd. The reality is that you can find hotels as cheap as in Brazil. With 1000 BRL you can stay more than 12 days in a shared room that from 10 to 0 in more expensive hotels in Brazil. I paid about 1300 in Akihabara in downtown Tokyo in a very chic Hostel for 15 days.

Traveling to japan - definitive guide - list

How does a visa to Japan work?

Getting a visa for Japan is very simple, just go to an embassy or consulate with the necessary documents and within 2 days your visa is issued. No interviews are required and the cost is very low. Unfortunately you need to get a travel visa or a multiple entry visa that has a short duration. Details on how to issue a visa to Japan can be found in the articles below:

Japanese passport Japanese citizenship nationality naturalization

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

Traveling to Japan without knowing the language

Some believe that the biggest barrier to visiting Japan is the language. Fortunately, Japan is one of the easiest countries to get around without having to know the language at all. Everything is so well signposted and made to make our lives easier without the need for contact with natives. You can easily get by with gestures as the Japanese are usually very receptive.

Knowing English won't help you much on your trip, as most Japanese people don't know or are terrible at English. Many Japanese language words also look like English and Portuguese words which makes it easier to understand many things. The articles below can help in these aspects:

Traveling to japan - definitive guide - list

my trip to japan

During my trip to Japan I wrote some articles that can help you on your trip:

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