Translating anime name #1

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Sometimes we come across different names of strange animes, from short to long, mixing numbers, English and funny and strange words. In this series of articles I would like to translate the names of some anime and teach the meaning of each word. We won't be talking about anime in the article, so if you don't know some of the anime in the article, I recommend taking a look.

In this first article in the series, I chose some anime that came to my mind that have interesting meanings, and that sometimes many people don’t know. Remember that the Japanese language is quite complex and has a different way of thinking, so it can sometimes be confusing to understand the order and grammar of the sentences.

Meaning of anime names

Pray in imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai.
There's no way my sister can be that cute.

  • - pray - me (俺の pray in - my, my);
  • - imouto - younger sister;
  • こんなに - konna ni - like this;
  • 可愛い - kawaii - cute, beautiful, pretty;
  • わけがない - wake ga nai - not at all, not at all

Sakurasou in the peto na kanojo.
The pet girl from the sakura dorm.

  • さくら - sakura - cherry
  • 荘 - sou - dormitory, inn, inn
  • ペット - peto - pet, pet
  • 彼女 - kanojo - she / girlfriend (girl)
  • obs: sakurasou also means primula, but it is written differently;

ニセコイ - Nisekoi - False love.

  • - nise - false;
  • - koi - love, passion;

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei.
Bullet of the refutation: The academy of hope and the collegials of despair.

  • 弾丸 - dangan - bullet;
  • 論破 - snoring - winning an argument, refutation;
  • 希望 - kibou - hope;
  • 学園 - gakuen - academy, school;
  • 絶望 - zetsubou - despair;
  • 高校生 - koukousei - high school student, high school;

Hentai Ouji to warawanai neko.
The perverted prince and the cat that doesn't laugh.


Although the English name is the perverted Prince and the stony cat, the original Japanese name uses the verb "not to laugh" to indicate a person without feelings, stony, insensitive and inflexible. The name of the anime in English uses the word "stony", this is ironic because in the anime there is literally a stone cat.

  • 変態 - hentai - perverted;
  • 王子 - ouji - prince;
  • 笑わない - warawanai - no laugh, don't laugh;
  • - neko - cat (a);

Watashi ga mote nai no wa dō kangaete mo omaera ga warui!
I be unpopular, it's your fault!
It's not my fault if I'm not popular!

  • - watashi - me;
  • モテない - undesirable, unpopular, has nothing;
  • どう - I give - how, in what way;
  • 考えても - be considered, thinking;
  • お前ら - omaera - you (rude);
  • 悪い - warui - bad, evil;

The word motenai it is the negative of the expression “持て持て - motemote” that refers to a sexy, popular, desirable person. It is difficult to explain the meaning of the formation of this sentence or to translate it literally. The Japanese way of thinking is different, just experiencing it to better understand how to speak.


Re :ゼロから始める異世界生活
Re: Zero kara hajimeru i sekai seikatsu
Starting life from scratch in a different world

  • ゼロ - zero zero;
  • から - kara - from (do);
  • 始める - hajimeru - start;
  • 異世界 - isekai - different world, parallel universe.
    • - i - different 世界 - sekai - world;
  • 生活 - seikatsu - life, live, live

Year hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai.
We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day.

  • あの日 - hi year - that day
  • 見た - mita - we saw (see past)
  • - hana - flower
  • 名前 - namae - name
  • 僕たち - bokutachi - we
  • まだ - feed - yet
  • 知らない - shiranai - not knowing

Yahari pray at seishun rabu kome wa machigatte iru.
The romantic comedy of my youth is different from what I expected.

  • やはり - yahari - as expected
  • - pray - me (俺の - my, my)
  • 青春 - seishun - youth, adolescence
  • ラブコメ - rabu kome - romantic comedy
  • まちがっている - machigatteiru - it's different, it's wrong
    • 違間う - machigau - make a mistake, incorrect, confused

Gin in Saji
Silver spoon

  • - gin - silver
  • - saji - spoon

This expression silver spoon refers to someone who inherited some good, who has wealth and is prosperous ... It's funny, the author used a name with "silver" in this sleeve, while in the fullmetal sleeve she used the name "steel". Those references ...

I hope that the translation of these names will be enough for this article. You can send anime suggestions to translate and understand their names in future articles.