Tips for preparing dishes more faithful to Japanese cuisine

It is common to try to venture into Japanese cuisine, through recipes seen on the internet, but when it comes to tasting the dish, feel that some detail was missing so that the meal would taste more faithful to the original. This is because the preparation of food is extremely careful, requiring attention to a series of small procedures, which include the choice of ingredients, the preparation of the dish and even the way of serving and eating. See our tips to improve your skills:

Study cutting techniques

Japanese cuisine has several cutting techniques, almost all of them different from the ones we are used to: Usugiri, Nanamegiri, Rangiri, Koguchigiri, Sainomegiri, among many others. Even though the names are difficult to learn, the procedures are quite simple. Each of the techniques is geared towards a specific ingredient. This is one of the main skills to work with if you intend to prepare reliable Japanese dishes, as the cut directly influences the flavor of the food when preparing. So, this may be what is missing to perfect your dishes.

Tips for preparing dishes more faithful to Japanese cuisine

Know how to choose the ingredients

One of the biggest limitations faced when preparing Japanese dishes in Brazil is with the ingredients. It is often difficult to find an exact product on the market. Therefore, in this regard there is not much to do. However, in order for your meals to taste more like those in Japan, you should always bet on the purchase of fresh ingredients, especially if the recipe contains some fish. This is within our reach and greatly improves the taste and presentation.

Tips for preparing dishes more faithful to Japanese cuisine

The presentation also counts

The expression “Eat with your eyes” can have a lot of real strength. So, even if your dish is faithful to those prepared in Japan, a personalized presentation can help set the mood and put the missing detail to make everything perfect. For this, it is worth using the same containers, objects and kitchen items used by the Orientals, since the traditional chopsticks, even a complete cutlery, which has the cutlery indicated for each situation, even valuing the taste of the food.

Tips for preparing dishes more faithful to Japanese cuisine

Learn straight from the source

For convenience, it is common to look for recipes on Brazilian channels and pages about oriental cuisine. However, it is inevitable that the preparation of the dishes will be influenced by the culture of the region of the cook, even if the person has Japanese ancestry. So, the tip is to consume the culinary content produced in Japan. Even if you still do not have knowledge of the language, it is worth watching at least the videos with the original preparation methods, observing the techniques used very well.

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