Tips for those who live in Japan and want to travel

Looking for tips for traveling in Japan and resting from long working hours? If you are Brazilian and live in Japan, I first want to say that I understand. Yes, I understand what you are going through, because I also go through the same thing.

I work in a factory, and yet I have a constant leisure life. So to help you, I will give you some tips that will help you get the best out of your trips. These are exclusive tips for those who live in Japan, but can be used by those who live in Brazil without problems, including by tourists who want to visit Japan.

Tips for those who live in japan and want to travel

Why do we write these tips especially for those who live in Japan? Why the tips we share in this article are designed for those who want to use their car or need to take time off from factories and have a short time to travel.

Avoid traveling on holidays

It seems like a cliche tip, but many do not listen. Why not travel on holidays? Simply because everything is more expensive, crowded and difficult to access.

Here's an example, a ticket to Okinawa in June can cost up to 16,000 round trip. While in the month of August the return ticket costs at least 40,000 円.

But I only have a holiday.”That's what most people say. But even excluding the possibility of using paid time off (yukiu), you will still save money if you travel without a holiday.

Tips for those who live in japan and want to travel

Just look at Okinawa's example and see an interesting point. If you travel in June, you will save 24,000 円 on the way. Let's say you earn 10,000 円 a day, so by taking a break on Friday and another on Monday, you'll still save 4,000 円. Isn't that wonderful?

Now if you put hotel in the middle, you will save an absurd amount. Hotels that cost 12,000 円 a day during the holiday, now cost 5,000 円. Of course there are variables, but being straight and straight, you save more by avoiding holidays.

The best part is the tranquility to visit public places. I remember that I once went to the Osaka aquarium on a weekday, paid 600 円 for parking, managed to have lunch for 500 円 and spent the whole day in the aquarium, going back and forth, watching the animals.

Especially penguins that are cute. Then calm and serene, I went on the ferris wheel that is next to the aquarium. I didn't even have to face a line or anything.

Tips for those who live in japan and want to travel

The following year I decided to try and go to Golden Week. Parking alone was 4,200 円, I paid 500 円 on a hot dog with juice, because on holiday there is no lunch time (ランチタイム), and the funniest of all…

I didn't even have space to go near the glass and see the fish! Not even the capybara who just ate cabbage! People stepping on my foot, baby crying, queuing to go to the bathroom, total madness!

After stressed and agonized, I went to the ferris wheel that is next to the aquarium. I had to wait 50 minutes in line. It was fun because I met some new people and I was in good company. But I prefer the tranquility and savings of a weekday.

"But in my work they don't let me take time off." If this is your case, I suggest you look for a job with better conditions. I still work in a factory today, and I always took time off to travel. But, of course, without exaggerating.

Tips for those who live in japan and want to travel

Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you here to quit your job. There are people who support an entire house on their own, they need to send money to Brazil or pay debts. In this case, I find it admirable that you remain in the job and I recommend that you continue, people depend on you and that is the right thing to do.

Everything is a matter of priorities.

Tips to apply on your travels in Japan

Now, to get a little out of this heavy climate, I will quote some tips for you to apply on your travels:

Only travel by car to big cities if there are 3 or more people in the car. It is only from 3 people that the cost of gas, parking and toll will be worth it. And the fact of avoiding using a car has another advantage, it will help to have mobility if you walk, not to mention the cool things you find when you venture down the city sidewalks.

Use the tip:a weekend, a place in the city.”It is a good option for those who cannot stretch a long trip, just search for cool places using the TripAdvisor app. There you can find places you don't even think exist in the city where you live, like a beach in Tahara that sells real coconut water!

Tips for those who live in japan and want to travel

Because you live in Japan you cannot buy the JR pass, but every station has a shop that sells cheaper tickets, by shinkansen, normal train and bus. to find these stores is very simple, just write: 安いチケット on Google Maps. If you can't find it, just take a good look at the exits of the stations, there are stores that have ticket machines outside.

Another way to save a lot is to make some sandwiches, buy some drinks, cakes and snacks in the market. Pick up a blanket, pillows and clothes. Put everything in the car, choose a place that is in the interior of Japan and start your journey.

It is very simple and has a very high index of joy and fulfillment on such a trip. I've done this type of trip myself several times. The good thing is that you can choose to come home anytime and you will not spend on hotels or restaurants.

Tips for those who live in japan and want to travel

Other articles that will help in your trip

To end this article we will leave other articles that will help in your trip in Japan:

This text is based on our book “Getting along in Japan”Written by my friend Roberto Pedraça. You can download this book for free at any time by registering on our website using the email form at the beginning of all articles on the website.

I hope you enjoyed the tips that Roberto gave you. If you liked, share and leave your comments. Do you also have tips to share? Thank you and see you next time.

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