Three old Japanese games that marked childhood - and are still successful

Ah, childhood ... That golden age (or not always) when we came back from school and watched cartoons in the late afternoon, and whose biggest problem was who preferred Toddynho over Nescau or vice versa.

But childhood also had good times for games that today, possibly, despite classics, would be considered vintage and you may not even know. With the most advanced technology and video games (and with the help of the internet) it is very easy to be dazzled by extremely realistic games and latest releases available on Xbox, PS4, or, if you have a computer or smartphone, just play online on sites that offer options for that.

Three old Japanese games that marked childhood - and are still successful
PS4 Controller - Pixabay

Nowadays there are different contours of these games, including many people turned passion into business; there are many possibilities, from playing arcade online by placing bets on sites like the ones reviewed in Compara Casinos – something big both in Brazil and in Japan -, to selling several dolls of your favorite characters both over the internet and in physical stores – the famous 'geek' stores – or participate in anime competitions with interesting prizes.

It's great that times change, but we're talking about a time when these options didn't exist, and the modern thing was to have a Master System - or a Nintendo (definitely not what we know today), but it was even more common go to the corner of the house and play at the arcade.

Although we have a lot of news nowadays, we decided to list Japanese classics that survived the changes and that apparently we will still hear for a long time. Although the list is long, we choose only three, otherwise we would be in it for days. Are they:

1. Super Mario Bros

Three old Japanese games that marked childhood - and are still successful
Mario Action Figures - Pixabay

How not to start this list with Mario Bros? Absolute success, the character would initially be a carpenter, but because of the association made with the tubes in which he entered and left, Mario then became a Italian-American plumber - the story would be even more elaborated later. Mario was an absolute success in addition to becoming the best-selling video game for almost three decades, with over 184 million copies sold!

2. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (1998)

Legend of Zelda also marked a generation; a mixture of fantasy, adventure and other elements, it had plots at times somewhat complex and overproductions, but that was the reason why it was so appreciated. What we are citing was not the first game in the franchise (launched in 1986), but it was a milestone for 3D games and is still one of the biggest games in the world. A curiosity is that the game was released almost alongside Super Mario 64, and both surpassed their predecessors.

3. Pac-man

Three old Japanese games that marked childhood - and are still successful
Old Console with Pacman - Pixabay

Yes! There is no classic more root than Pac-man. The game is very simple: eat the dots and don’t let the ghosts reach you. The game’s creator, Toru Iwatani, said the idea came when he decided to eat a whole pizza, and when he took the first slice, the shape of the pizza inspired him. Pac-man became so popular in arcades that at that time even competitions were created among the best players.

In 2010, Google paid tribute to the game for its 30 years (but already ?!), making a doodle of the fun character. The funny thing is that later it was reported that many officials were procrastinating at work, playing the game on Google, but because it is Google, companies couldn’t block it. In addition, the companies had about R$300 million in losses due to the games played by employees during working hours. Impressive!

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