Thoughts and attitudes that make life difficult in Japan


Some complain that life in Japan or abroad is difficult. We've even written a article talking about it and explaining that many complain about a full belly. In this article we want to show some thoughts, mistakes and attitudes that are responsible for making life difficult for people in Japan or in another country.

I think we can start by talking about one of the main attitudes responsible for unhappiness, the complain. It is not wrong for people to complain about their rights, the big problem is that people complain without any valid reason.

The person who complains too much is usually a negative person who is never satisfied with anything. So being negative and complaining are key points that will be present in some attitudes that we will mention in this article.

Japan is difficult because I am not Japanese

People put in their heads the idea that they will always be foreigners in Japan and that it makes their life difficult. Thinking this way will not benefit you at all! you will never be treated like a Japanese, think of it as positive.

You had the privilege of going to Japan, just having managed to immigrate to another country is already a victory. It doesn't matter if you work in a factory or not, you need to be positive!


You are a foreigner in Japan, you are a rare jewel! Some will treat you differently or with preconception? Yes, what's the problem? Show that you are a successful foreigner, show your superiority!

There are thousands of successful foreigners in Japan, and with many Japanese people admiring it, that's because they never gave up! In the same way that you can suffer prejudice, you are something different in Japan and the Japanese like different things!

You don't move to another country to be someone important or to become a native, you move to join society and make your dreams come true. Being an immigrant is a great thing, but you have to accept it! 

Does the fact that you are a foreigner make you miss something? Possibly yes, especially with your pessimism! The Japanese don't care if you are an immigrant or not, they want you to strive to fit into Japanese society, starting with the Language.

That's right! Most Brazilians living in Japan have not learned the language and are complaining? It is no use being Japanese if you are out of sync with Japan, you would suffer prejudice in the same way.

I'm lonely - The Japanese are cold and closed

Brazilians like to hug and lean against people while they speak, this is not a custom in Japan. Only this becomes a reason for people to go out shouting in public that Japanese people are cold and closed.

Those who have real Japanese friends know very well how loving, humble, hospitable and fun they are.

Train body language

It is a big mistake to imagine that the Japanese are cold and closed. This causes you to close the doors yourself to have friends and contacts in Japan. A friendship begins with a simple conversation and not with a hug, gossip and intimate conversations.

The process of friendship with strangers, especially foreigners, is a slower one. You must be fluent in Japanese! When we speak fluently our friendship will flow much more, we will have more matters, more leisure options and we will be introduced to more people.

Understand the limitations of the Japanese - The Japanese are shy, which makes it difficult to socialize with them. Remember that Japanese people don't like to talk about their personal lives or the lives of others, unless you're a close friend.

Understand their customs and culture! Getting to know the person is the basics! Get to know the person before you leave saying that he is closed and cold! Japan has social problems, but you can easily break that barrier.

In Brazil it was better, I had this and that

If it was better? So why did you leave there? Commenting and comparing life in Japan with life in Brazil is a major cause of the difficulty of your life. 

Remember that you are no longer in your home country, so forget about it! You decided to leave Brazil and you were aware that your life was going to change. As you complain about your new home, people will come up and say, So why don't you come back? 

Thoughts and attitudes that make your life difficult in japan

Nobody likes people who are making comparisons or criticizing things in the country. Doing this will drive people away from you, then no native will invite you more to those happy moments and you don't understand why.

There is no better or perfect country, you can have your opinion, you can find a better place than the other, but don't spit on the plate you eat. It doesn't matter if you think the food or the people there are better, complaining about it will only bring disgrace to your life.

In reality, personal opinion when unsolicited it is another mistake that can make a foreigner's life difficult. Opinion should only be given when requested. We can see this currently on social networks, many express their personal opinion and this has generated a lot of bullshit and discussions.

If you think or think this or that, just say it if someone asks! Unfortunately we were raised in an environment where we say whatever we want, whatever the hell is wrong ... but in Japan or other countries you shouldn't act like that, they value education, respect, humility and honesty.

Other thoughts and attitudes that hinder

Breaking rules - It seems that it is part of Brazilian culture to break rules. In Japan, however, the natives take the rules seriously, no matter how small they are. We must not think that rules were made to be broken, we must be like the Japanese in punctuality and honesty.

Your bad attitude starts from throwing garbage on the floor, drinking and driving, cutting lines or evading taxes ... Just because other people do wrong things, will you be a sucker and do it too? Think hard and don't break the rules. You only have to win by obeying the rules!

Thoughts and attitudes that make your life difficult in japan

Decent Work - Some work in a factory or work a lot of overtime and usually complain about it all their lives and take no action to change. You have 2 choices, try to change your life or accept this routine that you complain about, because unfortunately complaining won't get you anywhere.

But I would like to add that having a positive and cheerful attitude together with a smile is the first step towards success in life, even if it is in factories. If you are tired of the long work routine, try to decrease the hourly load, your well-being is more important than money. And just because you are accommodated, be sure to seek knowledge!

We can come to the conclusion that if we respect the rules, swallow our pride and become more humble, we will have a much easier life in Japan. What do you think? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments and we are very grateful if you share this text.

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