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In this article, we will talk about one of the most famous drawing courses today. The course How to draw taught by Thiago Spyked. A very complete drawing course that covers all styles, from HQ to Manga.

Thiago Spyked is the right person to teach you how to draw, honestly he is one of best drawing courses that I met today. He's not just any designer, he has releases and a publisher called Publisher Crás.

All about the course How to Draw

How to draw is an online drawing course created by Thiago Spyked since May 2018 in partnership with Kebook. The course method was entirely developed by Thiago and has a differential that addresses main design concepts.


The course promises to teach you how to draw any style of stroke, be it HQ or manga. The aim is to allow the student to develop his own trait without acquiring addictions. We can see in Thiago's books that he adopts his own trait and draws in the manga style.

Another advantage that some courses do not have, is that Thiago Spyked updates its content so that it is becoming an encyclopedia of knowledge with a rich list of exercises, in addition to digital interaction with students.

The course is entirely divided into modules, since the content is online because it can be accessed from anywhere and studied at any time at the speed you want. You can buy without fear, since the product has the Hotmart guarantee.

“I believe that knowledge is the path to freedom for a human being. The practice of drawing stimulates creativity and even perception of the world. To draw, it is essential that the artist pay attention to details that go unnoticed, that he questions the shapes, colors and life in general. Reading comics is an exercise in intelligence, interpretation and interaction with a fantastic imagination. A reading that inspires us and makes us question our reality. I believe that by sharing my experience I can show what this universe can provide, in addition to guiding those who wish to make drawing their profession. ”


- Thiago Spyked

Como desenhar – curso de desenho do thiago spyked

Course Content How to Draw

It is difficult to list all modules of the How to Draw course, but it is worth mentioning that the course has its own student platform (nothing about that Hotmart Club freshness). Fully customized for a better student experience.

Thiago Spyked's course teaches you how to draw both on paper and digitally, with new modules added this year. Some of the modules covered in the course are:

  • Finishing and effects
  • Body angulation
  • Applying colors;
  • Application in elements of nature;
  • Introducing Photoshop
  • Head and face;
  • Cylinders, cones and proportions;
  • How do you plan a composition
  • Body of man and woman
  • Creating materials
  • Circle and Cubes
  • Adding volume to the drawing
  • Vector Drawings;
  • Understanding and creating brushes
  • Light and contrast graduations;
  • Light and shadow
  • Thumbnail and speed
  • Movement and dynamism
  • Hands
  • Observation drawings;
  • Irregular objects and proportions;
  • Perspective;
  • Body positions and constructions
  • foot
  • Hips and legs
  • Head and hair rotation;
  • Second process - Drawing with spots
  • Texture and detailing;
  • Torso and arm
  • Techniques for creating characters

Various Bonuses when buying How to Draw

When you buy Como Como, you can get bonus video courses and books on different subjects. Content that, when purchased separately, would cost more than 300 reais. See the bonus subjects:

  • Demystifying Myths Guide
  • College to be a Designer is necessary?
  • Instant Work Manual
  • How and where to start working with drawing?
  • Drawing Materials Guide
  • Where to buy drawing materials?
Como desenhar – curso de desenho do thiago spyked

How to Draw Comics

For those who already know how to draw or are looking for a more complete course, which takes to the job market at comic book or manga level, Thiago Skyped has a more complete and more advanced (also more expensive) course, called Como Draw Comics.

Unfortunately this course is still available only at a certain time of the year, through the launch of classes. A course suitable for those who are already more advanced or have already taken the first course. Focused entirely on comic book production.


Content covered in How to Draw Comics

See below some of the subjects covered in Thiago Skyped's comic book course:

  • The Atmosphere of Drawing
  • The 7 Steps
  • Comic Balloons and Texts
  • How and Where to Work with Comics
  • Colors in Comics
  • Credibility vs. Popularity
  • Character Creation, the Protagonist
  • Character Creation, the Supporting
  • Drawing Balloons and Onomatopoeia
  • Drawing Your Characters
  • Comic Book Design and Edition
  • Scanning Your Pages
  • Copyright
  • Disclosure and Decoys for the Project
  • Writing the Screenplay
  • Do HQ alone or in a group
  • Narrative Flow
  • Genres and Traits in Comics
  • Inspirations
  • ISBN and Catalog Card
  • Comics Covers Logo
  • Necessary materials
  • Comics Market I: Simulation of an Ideal System
  • Comics Market II: Anime, Games, Toys and Derivatives
  • Comics Market III: The Artist's Role
  • Comics Market IV: How is it in Brazil?
  • Comics Market V: The 3 Pillars of the Future
  • Comics Market VI: The Reinvention of the Market
  • Comics Market VII: Hope and its Role
  • Financing Modes, Money
  • Organization Method to Work
  • Printing Methods, Graphics and Formats
  • Digital Distribution Methods
  • Narrative, the Act of Telling a Story
  • The future…
  • Where and How to Sell?
  • Script Paradigm
  • Perspective in Comics
  • Plans and Frameworks
  • Possible International Paths
  • Pre-Project
  • Social Networks and Disclosure
  • Secrets to Good Itineraries
  • Storyboard
  • Themes to Address
  • Timing and Time Frames
  • Character Traits and Styles
  • Final Art Techniques
  • You are selling
Como desenhar – curso de desenho do thiago spyked

About the Author Thiago Spyked

Thiago Spyked is a Paulista who always liked to draw and read comics. He holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Mackenzie (2003 - 2006) and a master's degree in Communication from the University of São Paulo (2013 - 2015).

Thiago is a designer, illustrator, art teacher, businessman, editor, speaker, youtuber and author of comics. Provides services in the area of illustration and graphic design, he was art and creative director of the company Supereficiente that works with didactic materials in Libras and Braille.

In addition, it provided services to companies such as Playcenter, Wolksvagen, Editora Abril and to the DPTO agency. He teaches drawing and comics classes since 2009, giving free courses in schools and in partnership with the Municipal Library Secretariat of the city of São Paulo.

Como desenhar – curso de desenho do thiago spyked

Thiago Spyked's Works

He has worked as an independent cartoonist since 2003 on an uninterrupted basis. His career as a comic artist can be listed by:

  • In Search of the Stars' (2003 to 2008);
  • Rafe: Resolving a History (2009);
  • Rafe: Resolving the Layout (2011);
  • Viruses: Another in the Crowd (2013);
  • Spectrus: Sleep Paralysis (2016);
  • The Old Man of Cardboard: The Red Balloon (2017);
  • Requiém: Symphony of Sins (2018);
  • The Aristocracy of Lost Children (2019);
  • Final stop (2019);
  • The Puppet Village (2019);

Other works and participations:

  •  Podium GP;
  • Zumi & Lumi;
  • Vendetta
  • Justice Blades
  • Heaven God and the Legacy of Uranus
  •  World Police
  • Numb Strips
  •  Strips No! 
  • Spectrus: Sleep Paralysis
  • Sketchboo
  • Interview and Article at Neo Tokyo
  • Hope is Blue
  • Final Stop comic

If you want to read or see some of Thiago Skyped's works, you can buy it on Amazon Brazil, some of the items are listed below, just click to access:

Thiago Spyked jobs and jobs

-Coordination of team and production of cartoons at the Festival do Japão event in São Paulo in the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.


-Production and creation of audiovisual educational content for internet, scripts, videos and creation of educational programs for entertainment. Knowledge in basic audiovisual editing. (continuous since 2012).

-Art and editorial direction for the company Supereficiente! That publishes textbooks for literacy in Libras and Braille. 2010 to 2016.

-Illustration and graphic design direction for the Trilharty case collection - 2012.

- Director of interior design project at PopKai store located in Riberão Preto - 2011.

-Provision of graphic design and illustration services. highlights: DPTO advertising agency, Playcenter, Rayovac, Volkswagen, ACP Plásticos and Faculdade Inesp.


- 6-month internship at Menes Learn Insight (2006) and ATR-2 Japan (2005).

Youtube Channel Crás Talk

Thiago Skyped also supports a YouTube channel with more than 350,000 subscribers. The Channel covers topics on how to draw and how to make comics with tutorials and free classes together with several artists from Brazil.

About Editora Crás

Editora Crás emerged in 2007 at the initiative of the comic artist Thiago Spyked, who for a long time was thinking about an idea that could make the publication of his comics better, reaching a larger number of readers.  

As an independent author, Thiago saw that professional growth opportunities were quite limited, and that much more than quality work was needed to gain the attention of readers and break the barrier of “amateurism”.

That was when the idea of create a brand that identified quality work and with editorial commitment. This brand represents common concepts and focuses, coherent and applicable to the contemporary market and culture, Publisher Crás.


The publisher's goal is to publish comic books and products derived from them focusing on information and entertainment. Enable authorial publications of comics with graphic and editorial quality. Its online store also sells products for designers.

The company provides partners with editorial solutions, innovative, creative proposals and professional attitude in negotiations. To the new authors, provide structure and paths so that their ideas are realized and that they can enter the job market.

If you still think Thiago Skyped is not a suitable teacher to teach you how to draw, I don't know who else he could be. I hope you enjoyed this article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.