Hatsune Miku's "marriage" to Akihiko

Did you know that the Hatsune Miku already got married? Many anime and game fans wish their favorite characters were real. Maybe to be friends, to learn something or even to have a relationship.

It is not very uncommon to hear people who say they are in love with fictional characters. In a way this is just people's dreams, or is it not? Maybe you've even heard the term waifu.

Waifu is a very popular term used among Otakus that literally means wife. And this guy we're going to talk about in the article really took that term seriously.

The "marriage" of Hatsune Miku and Akihiko

The dream of marrying Hatsune Miku

Akihiko Kondo, a 35-year-old Japanese man, had his dream wedding. On 4 November 2018 he married Hatsune Miku, the most famous holographic singer in Japan and the world.

There was even a ceremony in Tokyo attended by 40 guests. Among these guests was even a member of the Japanese Parliament.

After a lot of frustrations with real women, he decided to fall in love with someone who doesn't let him down. Akihiko said he was in love with the character for more than 10 years, he even said he never betrayed her.

The "marriage" of Hatsune Miku and Akihiko

But even with so much love, the family never approved of such romance. So much so that on the day of the ceremony Akihiko's mother was not present, and no other relatives.

Akihiko says that his mother said that such a ceremony was not something worth celebrating. Still, he continued with his idea. After much preparation a ceremony was held for the wedding.

The reality of marriage with miku

About 2 million yen were spent, almost 70 thousand reais, for the wedding to take place in Tokyo, in a rented place. The “bride” appeared at the ceremony in the form of a plush toy, with a wedding ring on her arm.

The company Gatebox which produces Miku's holograms, has issued a symbolic marriage certificate. In that certificate, the company said that its union surpassed dimensions. For in fact the marriage was not recognized by the state.

The "marriage" of Hatsune Miku and Akihiko

Interestingly, the company has already issued around 3700 marriage certificates like this to other “couples”. Akihiko's parents hope he will someday have a real marriage, with a real person.

But in an interview Akihiko stated that this will never happen. He lives with a Hatsune Miku hologram, and sleeps with her plushie every night. He added: “I believe we should consider all kinds of love and all kinds of happiness.”

I wonder how many people must have the same character's marriage certificate. Miku must be married to several guys, and probably the Gatebox company must be rich just with these certificates and selling their products.

What did you think of it? Would you marry an anime or game character?

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