What's the secret to learning Japanese?

Have you ever wondered what is the secret to learning Japanese? What is the correct way to study this beautiful language? Our sensei Luiz Rafael made a video that explains a little about this subject:

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What you should do?

As the video says, the real secret to learning Japanese is to focus only on sentences. With sentences you learn vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing at the same time. You should also use spaced memory tools like Anki.

Then focus your learning on texts and audios to absorb more content, so you will automatically learn Japanese.

What should you not do?

Don't waste your time doing exercises like completing sentences, making phone calls or even trying to learn words in isolation.

Is writing important? If you use yes, but most people don't need to write almost anything, especially with today's technology. Focus on reading and absorbing content.

Don't waste time with grammar. If you focus on learning a new grammar, like a puzzle, you will only complicate your learning. Try to learn grammar in a natural way by studying phrases and sentences.

You are not alone

Our site Suki Desu together with Luiz Rafael we are working to share with you as much free content as possible to help you learn Japanese. We know that not everyone is able or willing to take the paid course Japanese Online Program, but we value knowledge and strive to share it with you as much as possible.

Luiz Rafael releases videos daily and has a board on his channel focused on learning and studying Japanese phrases. I already write articles every week on my website, and I also write vocabulary articles on Luiz Rafael's website, the Japanese lessons.

In addition I have another website called Learning Words where the focus is on teaching and giving tips for studying different languages. On my website learn words you get tips for learning, memorizing and reading.

I hope you like our content! Keep following our sites, and helping with your shares and comments.

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