The real-life Pokémon Gym

In October it was announced that Japan would get a real Pokémon Gym on November 19th. The gym known as Pokémon EXPO Gym located in the city of Osaka, it has several franchise-themed activities that will entertain fans.

According to the official website, the objective is to entertain and inform fans, among the attractions of the place we will have Charizard's Battle Colosseum and Gardevoir's Control Score, which will train players and reward them with a special Pokémon for X, Y, Alpha Saphire or Omega Ruby.

The real-life Pokémon gym

Fans will still be able to make a membership card for the venue and also have access to gym stats and rankings via a smartphone app. The goal is for real battles to take place in the gym.

Some images and videos have already been leaked on the internet showing some of the news of this Gym. The video below shows a small scene of one of the numerous attractions that the gym will offer.

There are more than 7 Arcade game attractions, as well as numerous products and a themed snack bar. To access and be a member of EXPO Gym, it is necessary to have a Membership Card which costs 500 yen. With the card in hand, it will be necessary to recharge it with credits to use for each training program.


The Pokémon Gym is located in EXPOCITY a large entertainment complex with a public aquarium, shopping mall, ferris wheel and many others, so get ready for attractions other than the Pokemon Gym.


There are still many other details that will be released soon. If you want to see more pictures of the Pokémon Gym access the link by clicking here. (Source of images)

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