Is Japan the worst country in the world?


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What do you mean, Japan is the worst country in the world? Over the years, Brazilians have developed different opinions about Japan, some believe it is a wonderful place where honesty, education and hospitality reigns. Others say that Japanese is prejudiced, antisocial, cold, etc.

Unfortunately, there are people who have the immense privilege of living in Japan but hate to live there. Is it Japan's fault? Or how does one view Japan? In this article we will see a video of my friend Roberto Pedraça that will help you to reflect on the subject, then we will comment on some things related to the theme.

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Why do some Brazilians hate Japan?

It is obvious that Japan is far from being a perfect country, some Brazilians have had bad experiences in factories or schools. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Brazilians criticize Japan so much. Only within this reality involving factories, both Brazilians and Japanese end up stressing themselves in this repetitive routine, many really walk with a frown or get easily irritated, this is understandable .

What I can't understand is why to generalize to the point of hating the country or a nation. In the past, I also had a certain hatred of Brazil, mainly for violence, corruption, lack of morals and education. As much as I still want to leave Brazil to feel calm, I learned that you cannot generalize people.


They complain about paying taxes in Japan, but in Brazil we pay a lot more taxes that are present in everything we buy and we don't see any use of it for the good of the population. Now Japan's taxes are used in a practical way to generate knowledge that some don't value, like creating a municipal library that looks more like an airport.

Another mistake cited in the video is when people don't strive to follow Japan's rules or live like Japanese. There are Brazilians who have lived in Japan for more than 20 years and have not even learned the basics of the Japanese language. The person living alone working really is not having a happy life, and do not think that this is the only option. My friend Roberto, without any training, works only 3 times a week. Just chase! Who has to change is the person himself and not the Japanese!

O japão é o pior país do mundo?

During my trip to Japan I came across different types of Japanese, the workers, the people who live walking around the city doing nothing, the educated, the talkers and the silent. Are you going to tell me that in Brazil everyone is affectionate and cozy as everyone says?

Nothing is easy! But the only defeat is to give up!

Japan is not the worst country in the world

People who criticize or find their neighbors' grass always greener need to be thankful to have this opportunity to experience an ancient culture full of lessons that we can take in our lives to make it better. Even if there are bad things in Japan, will you really let yourself be affected by it? Why don't you just follow the good examples?

O japão é o pior país do mundo?

I have already written several articles dealing with the generalizations that Brazilians have about Japan and the hatred of some. I just wrote this article to complement and show the video of my friend who has very interesting experiences to reflect on. Are you grateful for the life you have? Are you struggling to move out of your comfort zone? Do you take advice?

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