Is Japan really a bad country? Why do some think?

Everyone knows that the neighbor's grass is always greener. While many Brazilians strongly desire to go to Japan, there are a good number of Brazilians and Japanese who live complaining and want to leave Japan.

Some famous people, bloggers and the media in general spread such a bad image of Japan, focusing on suicides, social problems, bullying, prejudice and xenophobia with everyday and common things. Because of stereotypes and generalizations Japan has gained a reputation as a bad and misleading country.

Japan is not particularly bad or good, he is like any other country. The Japanese are just people like everyone else anywhere. Everyone has human flaws like greed, lust, sadism and dishonesty. Everywhere people wear masks and try to feel superior.

Is japan really such a bad country?

Some end up giving Japan too much credit, creating a fantastic and wonderful image. The Japanese are famous for sweeping dirt under the rug. Instead of a technological and wealthy country, Japan really suffers from social and economic problems.

Did Japan become worse than the others?

Why does Japan gain such bad fame? What makes these revelations about Japan so shocking? Stereotypes about countries always exist, especially since we are strongly connected with Japan. Another factor that contributes to this reputation for bad things is the fact that Japan is small.

The Japanese have been successful in creating and transmitting an overrated and positive image of their country and culture around the world. That is why when negative publicity arises, it becomes more surprising than the problems of other countries.

Is japan really a bad country?

All countries try to hide what they are, wish to appear superior or hide something from the population or the world. There are thousands of dishonest countries, but Japan, having a reputation as an honest country, is not entirely free of problems and dirt.

Japan is a country, nothing more. A country with an organized society, a good functioning, public security and a rich culture and history. Japan is a country with 127 million inhabitants where you will find happy and kind people and also monstrous and depressed people.

There are crimes, but the streets are exceptionally safe. There are criticisms about the japanese educational system, but it produces an educated population. Some Japanese are really traditionalists and do not adapt, but this also has advantages.

Is japan really such a bad country?

Is Japan good or bad?

What defines whether the country is good or bad depends on personal experience. You may find Japan wonderful or horrible, but that doesn't apply to the 127 million people or the 7 billion people on earth.

Don't be upset by a person's point of view, read other perspectives on Japan, where they are largely positive and optimistic about their experiences in the country. It all depends on how you define "good" or "bad" in your personal view.

As much as there are stereotypes and criticisms related to Japan. It doesn't change the fact that this is one of the safest countries with a fantastic culture, where the Japanese are really good, hospitable and honest.

Is japan really such a bad country?

Don't try to romanticize Japan by making it the greatest wonder in the world, but don't try to make Japan a hell where people just work and commit suicide. The problems are really small compared to the rest of Japan.

Perhaps thinking about fleeing to another country besides Japan or Brazil is not the best option. Other countries can deceive you just as Japan deceived you. Life in any foreign country can be difficult and disappoint you. Now don't blame the country!

What is your point of view on this matter? Do you think Japan is bad or good? We appreciate comments and shares.

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