The foreigner who disrespected a nation

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On December 31, 2017, a 22-year-old American YouTuber named Logan Paul went to Aokigahara to record a video and ended up coming across a dead body. The vlogger filmed the corpse and took a very inappropriate attitude which caught the attention of American youtubers and some Japanese youtubers as well.

the video in question

In short, Logan Paul, along with a gang, went to Aokigahara, better known as the Suicide Forest, with the intention of making a vlog. After arriving at the scene, the group began exploring the forest, and eventually, Logan found the body of a man who had committed suicide in the forest.

YouTube video

Logan's initial attitude was that of a shocked person. A reaction anyone would have when finding a corpse. However, the problem came later... He approached the body and showed it, hanging from a rope with purple skin.

Logan started laughing and making fun of the situation. He started acting like he was recording another one of his vlogs and not taking the situation as seriously as he should. That's what caught the attention of other American youtubers.

Apparently, Logan would have taken advantage of the situation to promote himself and promote his channel. However, after posting the video, Logan immediately removed the video from his channel. Due to the pressure imposed on him in relation to the video and criticism from other famous youtubers, Logan Paul found himself cornered.

The foreigner who disrespected a nation

Soon after, he made an apology video for what happened. However, many question whether they were legitimate excuses or not.

reactions and consequences

Logan Paul obviously violated one of YouTube's rules by showing a dead body. However, YouTube did not take any action on this, something that also caught the attention of other channels.

Other YouTubers have started pointing out YouTube's flaws in allowing a video showing a dead body to go on Trending Topics while other videos are taken down for far less.The foreigner who disrespected a nation

What does that mean?

What has already started to happen with YouTube, is starting to get worse and worse. Futile content that shows that the creator just wants to make money from it, dominated YouTube.

As these types of channels generate revenue for YouTube, these same channels end up on Trending Topics. But now, things have gotten to the point where said channels can violate community rules that they won't have their channels taken down.

In the case of Logan Paul, he himself removed Aokigahara's video from his channel. YouTube is giving preference to channels that are getting a lot of subscribers and a lot of views and letting them break their own rules in order to generate profit for the site.

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