The great songs of Keisuke Kuwata

In this post we will know a little about the work of the famous Japanese singer Kuwata Keisuke (桑田佳祐), as well as his main songs. 

Extremely popular in Japan, the multi-instrumentalist is the vocalist of the band Southern All Stars (サザンオールスターズ) and has been active since 1974. 

His songs are marked by poetic romanticism typical of many Japanese musical styles and versatility.
Below, we list a rank (based on my opinion) with some of the best songs by this phenomenal artist, so you can get to know and appreciate his songs better:

1. 祭りのあと (Matsuri no Ato)

2. 明日晴れるかな (Ashita Hareru Kana)

3. 波乗りジョニー (Naminori Johnny)

4. ダーリン (Darling)

5. つなみ (Tsunami)

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