The validity of the Brazilian diploma in Japan?

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Who has ever thought of moving to another country in order to pursue the profession? Japan is clambered both to study and to work after graduation. Some professions there are more valued in relation to Brazil. An example of this is the area of health and communication.

Among the professions in Japan that are best paid, those that lead the rankings are those that are indispensable to have higher education.

The good side is that if you have it dream of working in his profession in Japan, you are lucky! But in Japan only higher education with bachelor's or bachelor's degree status is recognized and validation is required.

Now that we know that higher education is oil in Japan, let’s better understand how the diploma validation process works!

The validity of the Brazilian diploma in Japan?

Validate diploma in Japan

First of all, it is important to go to the sector responsible for exchanges at the university that you have studied. Those in charge can give you an address and the best options for validation. But this process does not include a technological course unless it is recognized as superior by the MEC (Ministry of Education).

As Japan is not part of the MERCOSUL countries, then more than a simple documentary check is needed. The validation of the diploma must be done jointly with the Brazilian government and the chosen destination, in this case Japan. The first step is to make a sworn translation and then do the Hague apostille.

Sworn translation is required in Japan because the English language is not among the spoken languages ​​there. But be careful, because this translation is a legal process that must be carried out by professionals with links to the commercial board of each State. So, no access to an online translator to do this huh!

The validity of the Brazilian diploma in Japan?

To find these qualified professionals, you must go to the federal government's website and see if you have one in your state. Usually just the diploma and academic history that are translated into Japanese.

The next step is the Hague Apostille, which came into force in Brazil in 2016 with the aim of reducing the time and cost for the use of Brazilian documents abroad. This process is valid not only for the diploma, but also for other school documents, proxies, certificates, among others.

This Hague Apostille is a certificate of authenticity issued by the Brazilian government by countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention. In the event that Brazil and Japan are on the list, therefore, no further stages of the process will be required.

This diploma will be presented to the chosen country, in this case Japan. and the good thing is that this document has no validity so you can use it whenever you want. See the example below.

The validity of the Brazilian diploma in Japan?

After all, it’s soon time to forward the documents to Japan, the home country’s own mailbox. Only it takes about six months. It is also important to calculate the cost of it all so as not to have any surprises!

For a sworn translation it is necessary to make a budget with a specialist, but the average is 150 BRL to 200 per page. and the Hague apostille is currently $ 124.27 (real) per document.

Proficiency test

In Japan, the proficiency test is also required Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken (日本語能力試験), but this is in line with the candidate's job vacancy. But it generally has a requirement of knowledge of the language that goes from the basic to the advanced one.

In Japan the fluency levels are classified as N5, N4, N3, N2, N1. Being that the N5 is the basic level and the N1 is the advanced one.

The level of proof is the person you choose according to the vacancy requirement of the company or institution you wish to enter. &Nbsp; Here on the site you have an article with more details on how to prepare for this test.

The validity of the Brazilian diploma in Japan?

Is the Japanese diploma valid in Brazil?

Well, now that we have seen that the diploma in Brazil is valid in Japan when validated, is the rule valid the opposite? The answer is yes, it is possible! As we have seen, the signatory countries to the Hague Convention, such as Brazil and Japan, can more easily do this validation process.

So, before returning to Brazil, it is necessary to authenticate by means of the Hague Apostille the diploma together with the Japanese state that you have trained to prove that the information is true. The documents that need to be apostille are the diploma, the history and the copy of the completion work. and also, of course, sworn translation.

Every higher education institution, for example, has its own academic requirements. Here in Brazil the validation is done by federal and state universities, in case of graduation. Already master's and doctorate stricto sensu can be done by both public and private universities.

Why do I prefer japan to brazil?

Now let's go to the part of the scholarship, do all this process of validation of diploma from abroad for Brazil varies from $ 500 BRL to $ 3,000 reais. That's why if you already have in mind to go or return to Brazil, leave a little money aside!

See the list of documents needed to validate your diploma, whether to leave Brazil or return:

  • Copy of the diploma;
  • Copy of school records;
  • Curriculum organization of the course (syllabi and research);
  • Nonimata and title of the teaching staff of the course;
  • Institutional information;
  • Reports, articles, or documents about the institution;
  • Copy of the documentation on which the cooperation or consortium is based   in the case of courses or programs offered in consortia;
  • In the case of a double degree acquired in another country, you must also apply for recognition of the two diplomas

Now it's just a matter of planning well for you get the job of dreams in another country without a headache!

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