Do you know the Dark Side of Japan?

Everyone thinks Japan is a safe, wonderful place. It may even be true compared to some places. But in this article I’ll talk about the dark side of Japan and about many horrible things that happen, things that people ignore. We only talked about the good side of Japan, a friend made me see that it is important to write about the dark side, the hidden that is not shown by the media.

The following article was not entirely written by the website Suki Desu, was based on a page response Japan to think before imagining, from the article I wrote Lies that talk about Japan. If you find the text exaggerated, it was much worse than its original version, the person who wrote it doesn't seem to like Japan very much… Let's start!

As much as Japan is better than many countries, it also has its problems. Problems caused by your superiority, so we will talk about some of the negative points there and a little of the positive points, so as not to make you sad about this country that impresses us so much.

Remembering, this article is a response to the article “Lies that talk about Japan”Be aware that I am not criticizing Japan, I can generalize a little in the text, but I personally prefer Japan a thousand times over Brazil.

Before the article I will leave a video talking about bad things in Japan in a relaxed way. This video is less generalized and cool, made by my great friend Rodrigo Coelho.

A country for foreigners (Not that much)

We know that Japanese people are educated, that Japan is a great place to gather money and to live. However, there are perverse Japanese, just as in Brazil there are bad guys. However, Japanese, they act to the extreme, everything they do is usually "in HARD mode", difficult to follow or understand.

That is, if you think you are going to Japan and you will not suffer prejudice and humiliation, you may even be lucky, many never saw it, but others suffered a lot, went into depression, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you know the Japanese language, so that you can interact more with people and make them know you for real.

So, prepare yourself psychologically, because you may encounter a bad fruit, which will not be as civilized with you as Japanese society tends to be. Or, perhaps, you are lucky to find good friends, as well as a good relationship.

The dark side of Japan! Not everything is flowers

In no way should we say that the Japanese are racist. It is no different from other countries, there is racism and prejudice there, but Japanese are more extreme. So it's no joke, if you come across a racist, look for distance right away, because the level of xenophobia is strong, especially in schools where even the Japanese suffer from ijime (虐め) [Bullying] and that is still one of the biggest reasons why there are so many suicides in Japan.

It is a fact that even some Japanese people have prejudice against the people there, who are usually people who do not fit the standards that society requires, so be prepared, the social pressure is very great, but it is the same pressure that we suffer when we are tempted to do something that we consider wrong and that, in the end, we are humiliated for it.

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Working in Japan is something that is taken very seriously and especially foreigners must work overtime… so if you want to go to Japan to work and relax, you are wasting your time. Study, learn the language, do an exchange, college, get married, then yes you can find a lighter job to relax, or not xD.

Or you can do like the Pritt and the lohgann of the Japan channel our daily, who went and worked for many years in contractors, saved money and are now enjoying life and studying quietly. (Or probably making a living from your videos, I think).

Government, Public Agencies in Japan

Japanese hospitals, the way taxes are levied, the speed with which things are fixed, are practically perfect. But, also, they have a negative side, a lot of bureaucracy, especially if you are a foreigner, getting interpreters and documents can be quite tiring. As in Brazil, there may be errors in the document, then the stress begins.

The dark side of Japan! Not everything is flowers

Not to mention taxes and fines, which are quite expensive, but, fortunately, this is more beneficial than in Brazil. However, remember, do not trust the Japanese government, there are many problems that they cannot solve, every human government is flawed, if you are thinking of leaving Brazil because of the government, you can even compensate a little, however, be prepared for the worst.

Food and Money

Many products are cheaper in Japan and others are expensive, but they adapt to the Japanese salary, and there you will find different types of food. However, there is a great danger called “China”, many products are imported, and you may have heard of the scandal of MC Donald's and China.

The fact is that most Japanese people eat industrialized products, or obento (お弁当) [lunchbox], and although Japan is a clean and hygienic country, you will know what happened to these obento, it is not? Especially with imported products, there are reports of having already found pieces of insects, etc. Unfortunately greed hurts Japan too, so put the health issue aside if you don't have much time to prepare your own lunch.

Food and money

Although Japan's salary is enough to feed itself, it can be said that it is the same as in Brazil, the 200,000 Yen is almost the same 1,000 Reais from us Brazilians if we take into account the price of things, despite many cheap things , others that are important in everyday life are expensive and take your money away.

It is worth remembering that, although some earn high salaries, in some regions, as well as in Brazil, people earn little, and do not exceed 150,000 Yen, one of the reasons why Japanese people work overtime.

Security and Crime

Despite being one of the safest countries in the world, crimes happen frequently and, when they do, they are bizarre. Even living in one of the safest countries in the world, even though earthquakes and tsunamis are rare; that cause mass deaths, nobody knows tomorrow. Even more in a country with volcanoes, radiation, earthquakes, typhoons and tsunami always lurking.

The dark side of Japan! Not everything is flowers

 Perfection and Suicide

Most suicides in Japan are related to stress, loss of service, financial difficulties. In Japan, to make a mistake once is to have your life condemned forever, at least, that's what happens in most cases. Car accidents, involvement in fights, drunk driving and problems with justice. Even if committed by children or spouse, they directly affect the person, as companies do not want in their workforce people other than 100% molded into the perfect Japanese society. It may be one of the main reasons why some Brazilians don't get along with Japanese people.


As much as the houses may be small or made of wood [in the interior of the country], it bothers some, and some even like it. But the worst is that if you are a foreigner, prepare to pay rent for life, land in Japan is absurdly expensive, and you must get used to living in apartments.

The dark side of Japan! Not everything is flowers


There's a big reason why Japanese people are called perverts. Japan is one of the countries that most consumes pornography, even child pornography is, in a way, allowed in manga, we clearly see the exposure of breasts and panties in children's anime (not unlike Brazilian soap operas).

Not to mention people who are arrested for collecting saliva, machines that sell used panties, bars to talk about masturbation, tentacles and other scrotum about sex. The positive side is that there you will not hear immoral music in cars or people speaking words of sexual connotation in conversations, exposure to immorality there is your choice, remembering that you must be careful with Stalker's, lolicons and other perverts that exist. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

The dark side of Japan! Not everything is flowers


I didn't say much, there is a lot to say about Japan. It is not a wonderful country, but it is not even a bad country, it is just not perfect as everyone is keen to point out.

I tried to summarize important points for you to keep in mind and if you intend to live in Japan; o Know; strolling, I guarantee it will be the best choice, a rich country with a lot of culture and different things for you to know, it is very worth it! But whoever thinks that moving to Japan will solve their problems, may even solve it, however, it will depend on you and your luck.

Comment on points I forgot to mention, it's a lot and some I didn't even want to mention. Feel free to make your Comments.

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