The Best Quick Play Games With Anime Style

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Anime-style games have always been popular, in Japan many games with these traits gave rise to great anime like Steins;Gate. Some of our favorite characters didn't come from manga, but from the games themselves.

Unfortunately, most have little time to devote to games, sometimes just a quick five minutes while riding the bus or waiting in line at a store, so you need something that's quick and easy to play and enjoy. We've put together a list of anime-style games that you can play in a short time.

Although these games are quick to play they're so good you might find them hard to put down
The Best Quick Play Games With Anime Style

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact was designed by miHoYo to stimulate the player's creativity and imagination. It is completely free to play and has an MMORPG format.

The whole world is anime style and you will be able to interact with all kinds of other players. In fact, not only will you be able to interact with other players, but if you really want to progress, you'll need to assemble a team.

Alongside your team, you can travel around Teyvat, helping people you come across along the way. Your journey will not be without danger, you will have to solve diabolical puzzles and you will face terrifying monsters that you will have to fight.

The Best Quick Play Games With Anime Style

Fortunately, all characters have different strengths and weaknesses that you can use to your advantage to exploit your enemies' weaknesses. Genshin Impact also features regular special challenges that allow you to grow your group and work together to receive generous rewards.

moon princess

Slot games are notoriously simple to learn, with even new players getting a full grasp of how things work in just a few minutes.

Moon Princess is browser-based, so you only need a computer to play

This makes them one of the best fast games, and while there aren't many anime-style games out there, what we're going to talk about today is really excellent.

The Japanese manga-themed Moon Princess slot is very reminiscent of Sailor Moon characters, with cute pinched noses, cute dresses, and an otherworldly quality to them.

The Best Quick Play Games With Anime Style

The princesses are called Love, Star and Storm and their names are reflected in their clothing and personalities. Along with the trio of princesses, you'll need to try your best to match three or more symbols horizontally, or vertically on the grid to win.

If you tick a Wild Moon symbol, it can be used like any symbol to increase your chances of winning. This is a super simple slot with a lot of cool features that keep it interesting.

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy was a highly anticipated release that took years to create. It was finally released to the jubilation of fans and is available to play in a freemium model on mobile and PC.

The entire game can be played for free, but if you want to skip ahead or get some Tanium, you will almost always have to pay. This game also has an MMORPG format in which your character is thrown into a huge disaster zone.

The Best Quick Play Games With Anime Style

You've been chosen to try to find a resource called Omnium, which is the only thing that will save life on Earth as we know it. The world is huge in this game with a great sci-fi feel that doesn't stray too far from the anime style.

You will face increasingly difficult enemies in your quest, as well as learn new skills, find new weapons and upgrade your character to be a formidable warrior.

Naruto: Slugfest

“Naruto: Slugfest” is an action-packed game that lets you take control of Naruto and his friends as they fight their way through an endless supply of enemies.

If you are a fan of the anime series “Naruto”, then you will definitely want to check out this game. The game features stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay, and you are sure to have a blast playing it.

The Best Quick Play Games With Anime Style

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle” is an action-packed game that lets you take control of your favorite characters like Goku and fight hordes of enemies. The game has stunning graphics and its gameplay is very fast.

So there it is! These are five of the best fast paced anime style games for your mobile device. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think!

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