The best online bookmakers for sports betting

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Bookmakers, also called “casinos”, have seen a huge increase in interest in them thanks to the explosion of the internet and online gambling. In fact, betting enthusiasts were able to witness the transition from the classic tobacconist where “the coupons” were played to a completely new and digital world, with portals that offered much more betting options, in addition to constant analysis with which to simplify betting. to be done. The bookmaker (or bookmaker) can be a natural person, or an agency composed of several sectors and different figures, with an AAMS ADM license or another type, which can guarantee the legality of the operations and, above all, the fulfillment of certain transparency requirements. As with all online betting and gambling companies, obtaining a license to operate legally requires compliance with very strict regulations. In fact, an online bookmaker has an obligation to “go straight”, in addition to the “obvious” requirements of having stability regarding the possibility of betting and withdrawing winnings.

In this guide, which we hope will be as complete as possible, we will talk about what to look for in a good sports betting site and which are the most reliable online betting sites and, perhaps, easily usable even on a smartphone.

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From coupon to bar to digital

We hope that, among those who are reading, there are still those who remember the times (now apparently very distant) when they would go to the Sports Bar close to home and play the famous football/soccer billiard card, that of Lino Banfi and his famous 13 to the Totocalcium.

Many years have passed since those days and things have changed a lot, both in terms of the game options available and where you can actually bet. If before only physical agencies, such as the famous Sisal points that we mentioned when talking about bars, could in fact validate the bet, today there are numerous online betting sites that offer analysis, predictions and lots of data in “prompt delivery”, well before making the bet.

Totocalcio, staying on the football/soccer theme, is just one of the many games where AAMS ADM bookmakers allow you to bet: horse racing, baseball, basketball…

Although the famous Sisal matchpoints still exist in cities, online betting sites and betting exchanges now proliferate, thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies of being able to consult at any time the scheduled events, the chances of winning, the notification of deadlines . of episodes and, of course, the simplicity of being able to do everything with a few clicks (or taps, if you're using a smartphone).

What is a betting site for? What are football/soccer odds? Why does the customer service on these sites need to be impeccable? Let's take a closer look!

What makes a sports betting site?

A question that seems trivial, but which hides a multitude of details. Of course, as the name implies, the betting site allows you to put real money on the results of sporting events and get a win in the event of a positive result.

There are websites dedicated exclusively to football/soccer odds, others that group together Formula 1 and motorsport events in general, still others exclusively dedicated to horse racing and then there are generic betting sites that do a little bit of everything.

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
photo by Noah Silliman on unsplash

Live betting and real-time winnings

Given the technological advancement that we have been able to witness in recent years, today we can take for granted the presence of sporting events on which to bet “live”, that is, exactly while the competition is taking place.

The statistics with quick updates, the odds that change in real time and other details are the hallmarks of a good site, but it is the streaming of events that makes the bookmaker truly excellent. This is done both to keep track of every minute of the progress of your bets, but also to allow you to place bets with the “cash out” formula, whose operation we mentioned a few paragraphs ago, so it is essential to have the events live stream available to you. real-time query.

Deposit and withdrawal: what you need to know

As with any other online gambling reality, online betting sites must also have diversified payment and withdrawal methods to satisfy the greatest number of needs. AAMS ADM bookmakers should offer several possibilities, including the now popular Paypal and SKRILL, which are becoming more and more popular. Obviously, the possibility must also be included for credit cards of the Visa, Mastercard and Maestro circuit, as well as NETELLER , whose use is now common in online gambling.

The “extra” options that distinguish the best betting sites, however, are new methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, but also cryptocurrencies, although there is still a lot to say and legislate on this point.

The ADM AAMS license protects payments: transactions must be encrypted and personal data readable only by bank authentication systems, inaccessible to anyone else. As a protection against fraud and for anti-money laundering systems, however, the authorities may request the details of certain transactions, which is the only reason why bookmakers can provide confidential information.

What is the withdrawal method and who offers it?

The Cash Out method is particularly useful because it is not necessary to follow the event for its entire duration, but only until the condition on which we bet is fulfilled. The bet can be “charged” at a lower odd than it would be at the end of the game, but that effectively excludes the risk of everything turning over and the winnings disappearing.

Cash Out is currently only offered by websites betfair and betway , but the popularity they enjoy is expected to also make them eligible for sports betting on each platform.

Customer service: a now essential flagship

Making it easier for people to deposit, withdraw and place bets also means they need to receive faster and more complete assistance than ever before. Today, all kinds of problems can occur with websites: connection interruptions, minor system bugs, unvalidated earnings or crashes during the recharge and withdrawal phases. In these cases, there is no welcome bonus or promotion: it will be the customer service that will receive an opinion from the users, and if negative, it will be a big disadvantage of this platform.

Ensuring a quality customer service is no longer an “extra”, but an excellence that today is almost taken for granted, under penalty of loss of confidence on the part of users.

Smartphone apps and bookmakers: when mobile is not an option

Today, users can rely on smartphone apps for anything from internet banking to the news paper, from the car policy comparison site to the social network where you can ask for information about a company. In this scenario, all online gambling companies in Italy and beyond must create apps to ensure continuity of service between desktop and mobile, especially for those who are tablet users.

Websites, although they can be configured to be displayed on small screens, are still not very popular compared to special apps: this is why investing in mobile today means investing in a very specific niche of players, who want to place bets at any time. , wherever they are.

There are companies like Betway that have even created exclusive promotions for mobile users, reaching very high numbers of smartphone users.

Welcome bonuses and promotions

As with other digital gaming companies, even the best bookmakers offer welcome bonuses and promotions to allow long-time players to gain perks, rewarding long-term trust.

These bonuses can be either “no deposit”, that is, present at the time of registration and verification of documents, but most depend on the first recharge or even the first gain obtained through the site. The clauses usually pertain to betting on certain sports or a specific number of times, perhaps simultaneously, across multiple disciplines. Always be careful to read the Terms and Conditions!

The best betting bonuses: how to find them?

There is a very simple way to understand which are the best bonus bets: understand which ones are closest to our style of play. Do we have a passion for Formula 1? We look for who benefits us in this type of betting; focus more on the "antepost"? Therefore, we look for bonuses for this type of bet, as well as for multiples or singles.

If you're looking for a “generic” bonus, it's best to trust comparison sites. Some highly experienced teams compare the various incentives and welcome clauses, as well as the limits for using them. Promotions are in fact often with a “timer” that runs out within 7, 15 or 30 days. We carefully choose and evaluate the terms of use.

The type of wagering bonus and the bonus amount

Not all bonuses are created equal. There are several types of betting bonuses that can range from a simple “free” balance deposit into your account, to exclusive benefits on the betting exchange, or the so-called “increased odds”.

Others, on the other hand, may only concern “live” events, while some exist in the form of cashback, with a percentage of the deposit made added to a “bonus balance”.

Bonus validity period

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the validity of the welcome bonus on each portal has a limit. Temporal criteria are usually imposed, with a specific number of days available, but it is not uncommon to also find limitations regarding the number of bets and bets that can be made, before “disappearing”.

Also, remember, there may be a minimum wager limit to be placed before you can take home your winnings, in addition to other clauses.

Win bonus: details

VinciTu is a constantly growing platform, which to attract new users has created one of the best welcome bonuses on the market. This promotion, valid for June 2022, has a very attractive €100 with 50% added to the first deposit, with a minimum €10 refillable.

The bonus can be obtained after verifying the account by submitting the documents. To access the promotion, only one of the allowed payment channels must be used: Paypal, Postepay and credit card.

Offer is open to all new game accounts.

Goldbet bonus: details

Goldbet, another very famous site in the field of online gambling, offers a welcome bonus that is among the best currently on the market. For the month of June it is in fact possible to get up to 25% more with the first deposit, up to a maximum of €20 and an additional €10 of virtual balance. The real opportunity, however, is the presence of €15 in weekly bonuses for the next 20 weeks, for a maximum total of €330.

Snai Gold: Welcome Bonus

With an exclusive offer for new customers, SNAI offers a €5 no deposit bonus and a “gold” bonus that will double the value of our first deposit, up to €300. Single clause? Replay the bonus 8 times with minimum odds of 1.50 to win.

Bwin Exclusive Bonus

Bwin offers €10 + 30 Free Spins specific to Book of Kings. Offer is for new customers and first deposit only.

First bet and improved payout: what are the bonuses?

A specific type of welcome bonus is the “first bet” and “big win” bonus. The first, as the name implies, is valid on the first bet (or, more generally, on the first singles, multiples and other types) with a promotion that can give free credit for the first bet, or offer special conditions.

us higher odds.

No deposit betting bonus

Of course, it is also possible to get “no deposit” betting bonuses, therefore, at the time of registration. There are usually very specific terms and conditions for these promotions and they are given at the time of account verification and do not require a first deposit.

Cashback Bonus: A Cashback?

Another specific type of bonus is cashback: a part of what we play is returned to us, limiting losses and increasing winnings.

Specific conditions generally apply to the balance returned to us, so please read the terms carefully to collect any winnings.

Free bet: or free bets

In addition to the classic welcome bonuses, some bookmakers can add so-called “freebets”, which is a version of the “virtual balance”, which consists of free bets in a limited number and with specific winning conditions. This is mainly for testing the functions of the site and understanding how to place real money bets.

What characterizes the best betting sites

In short: how to choose a quality website? We talked about many things, but to conclude we can summarize the characteristics of the best bookmakers with:

  • quality and safety, guaranteed by the ADM AAMS license and similar (at least in Italy)
  • a variety of bets: basketball, volleyball, boxing, hockey, MotoGP, Formula 1, football/soccer…
  • payout as close to 100% as possible
  • fast deposits and withdrawals with customer service ALWAYS AVAILABLE
  • different payment methods: from Postepay to Paypal, from credit cards to Skrill, Neteller and others
  • mobile app quality _
  • presence of generous welcome bonuses

List of the best online bookmakers in Italy

We are now going to list the best online bookmakers in Italy, with a curated list of names specifically on Italian soil.

We always remember that operators that offer Live Streaming services are, for us, a step ahead of the rest, because they combine betting with the possibility of watching the event in real time.

Betfair: premium odds specialist

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

Let's start with Betfair, one of the most famous sites where betting exchange is possible. Possessing the AAMS ADM license, Betfair is also an official partner of the Juventus football/soccer team and offers a welcome bonus of €10 on the first deposit.

The platform, whose app deserves an honorable mention for its simplicity of use, offers many bonuses such as cashbacks and multipliers for the so-called “higher odds”, effectively placing it at the top of any ranking of the best boomakers in Italy.

Betfair also offers the innovative “Cash Out” mode, which allows you to withdraw your winnings from a bet even before the event closes.

In addition to the very convenient withdrawal, however, we must also mention the possibility of carrying out, on the platform, the so-called Betting Exchange, or an exchange of predictions between users who sell and buy predictions like classic bookmakers.

For smartphone games, use Bwin

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

Bwin was founded in 1997 as an Austrian company dedicated to online gambling. The original name is BetandWin, but is now known as Bwin.

Its smartphone app, in addition to stability and ease of use, offers live betting and a really wide range of sports to bet on.

Pokerstars site No. 1 for Poker

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

If you are looking for bets that are harder to find elsewhere, you can certainly try Pokerstars, a platform that was created to play poker, but which is increasingly expanding its activities. By the way, Pokerstars Sports opened its doors some time ago, allowing you to bet on different sports, including some that are certainly more “niche”, such as darts and table tennis.

Bonus Starcasino, the number 1 casino in Italy

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
The best online bookmakers for sports betting

With a great welcome bonus offering a 100% cashback of up to €100 on non-winning bets, Starcasin looks to be a future leader in casinos and betting in Italy.

of the AAMS ADM license, their bonus of 300% on multiple bets of 4 or more events is already famous.

Snai: an Italian guarantee

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

There's not much to say about Snai: a boomaker who in Italy did and continues to do a lot in the betting industry. The branch network in Italy is very vast (more than 1600 stores) and despite the acquisition and transition to “Snaitech” in 2017, Snai has been present in the market since 1990, also owning the historic Autodromo de gallopo di Milano and Montecatini Terme.

Sisal: part of Italian betting history

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

the SNAI, Sisal is a name recognized throughout the Italian territory. Sisal, acronym for “Sport Italia Limited Liability Company”, is the oldest betting agency currently operating in our country. With 45,000 outlets and a history dating back to 1946, Sisal matchpoints still offer the biggest options in online and in-person betting today.

888Casino: one of the best known names in the market

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

888 is a company that combines casino, poker and sports betting. Its schedule is quite varied and the interface is intuitive, but the weak point is always the customer service chapter, available only at certain times. The odds are in line with the market and it must be said that bets on “outsiders” pay well.

Eurobet: a growing phenomenon

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

Eurobet, certainly more recent than Sisal or SNAI, had a parable of its own. After the purchase by Coral, a large British agency, today Eurobet operates in several countries and in Italy alone it has 900 physical branches. It offers a certain fertile ground, but focuses on football/soccer odds, being also a sponsor of several Serie A teams.

honorable mentions

It is also worth mentioning Better Lottomatica, which is the virtual operator of Lottomatica, the famous company that mainly deals with Lotto and the like, but also Planetwin365, a historical reality that is now the betting partner of Naples, as well as being a historical sponsor of Trentino Volley.

In detail, however, we will look at odds and welcome bonuses, important additions to any betting experience.

Top 3 foreign bookmakers

We've talked a lot about the differences between AAMS and foreign ADM sites, but what are the best foreign bookmakers and what do they offer? Let's see that in this top 3.


- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

Rabona has established itself in recent years as a betting site mainly linked to football/soccer. Owned by Araxio Development NV, the site is based in Cyprus and, thanks to Curacao's gaming license, can operate in Europe.

On the home page, in addition to football/soccer, you will find unusual and special bets, such as those related, for example, to election results.


- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

Betwinner is now known all over the world and has a great mobile app and several betting welcome bonuses that are absolutely inviting as well as easy to get. It operates under a Curacao license , but an AAMS ADM license is being requested .


- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

CBet is a platform that was born as a casino of AK Global NV, licensed in Curaçao number 365/JAZ and headquartered directly in the same city. Its betting section has become quite famous and, unlike other casinos, Cbet is available in Italy thanks to its security and compliance with European regulations regarding digital gambling and its commitment to responsible gaming.

Curious mention: 1xBet

1XBet is now quite famous. Cycling, golf, athletics, skiing, ice hockey, biathlon, baseball, boxing, table tennis, billiards, water polo. There are so-called “special bets”: exact result, under, over, goal from free kick, in addition to the classic single, multiple, and increased odds system. They are in the process of obtaining the ADM AAMS license and, for the time being, they operate with the one in Curacao, but do not operate legally in Italy.

It is thought that in 2022 they should receive the OK from ADM, given their partnership with the Napoli team.

The classification of each sport

Which bookmaker is best suited for football/soccer fans, perhaps Serie A? Which for tennis? Let's see a list of the best bookmakers divided by sports discipline!


Betway certainly stands out for its Serie A and Premier League football/soccer odds, establishing itself as one of the best along with Eurobet. If Eurobet stands out for its rich calendar and high odds, Betway offers the possibility of cash-out, placing it as one of the favorites for all sports, namely the Europa League and the Champions League with odds above 97%.


Here too Betway ranks high, with shares at 95,31%, but Planetwin365 stands out with its 35 available markets and streaming options.


888sport and Planetwin365 have 50 markets available, but SNAI stands out for its excellent multiples odds. However, Planetwin might be the best choice, also because of its deposit and streaming bonuses.

formula 1

Candidates to be the best betting site for Formula 1 are 888sport and SNAI, with good deposit bonuses and ante-post bets. SNAI has a no deposit bonus so it can be enjoyed by some.


SNAI takes first place thanks to its variety of markets, bonuses and odds convenience, with only Eurobet following closely behind.

Horse race

With 7 streaming channels and an exclusive dedicated mobile app, SNAI Sport confirms itself as the best horse racing operator, with a direct competitor, which still only has 5 streams.

other sports

Honorable mentions go to Better Lottomatica and Bwin, with cashback and first bet promotions in addition to the diverse programming. BWIN has the largest number of live bets, while the average of the best odds is 888sport, whose variety can be lacking.

How to open a new game account

Opening a new gaming account is quite simple: you must be of legal age, have a valid ID and be in possession of your tax code.

The contract with the bookmaker is signed at the time of registration, which will lead to the verification of the account through photos of the documents, to which requests for selfies or videos can be added to verify the identity of the subscriber.

Just enter your data and wait for confirmation from the providers!

Why register on all betting sites?

The secret to understanding where to bet is to check the odds for each event, comparing them between different betting sites. In addition, given the high competitiveness of the market, there are often promotions and it is necessary to closely monitor all realities to understand which one is convenient at a precise moment .

it's usually free, so why not sign up with every betting site and wait for the right moment?

How to receive the bonus of the various bookmakers

Welcome bonuses, as we have seen, are divided into bonuses on registration and on the first deposit, or on the first bet. When we register, usually at the time of account verification, we are offered a welcome bonus on the first deposit, or we see “virtual money” credited to our profile, with specific clauses for collecting winnings and deadlines for using them.

Sometimes, however, the bonus is automatically credited on the first deposit made.

- the best online bookmakers for sports betting
the best online bookmakers for sports betting

How long does it take to withdraw money from the account?

Withdrawal of winnings must take place, at least for the best bookmakers, within 48-72 hours. This period will be necessary to verify the accuracy of the winnings and send the transfer through the selected method.

In case of delays and unforeseen circumstances, customer support is on hand to provide more information (or so it should be).

Automatically opt out of betting sites or block them from your phone and browser

Also due to free choice and the contrast with gambling addiction, it is possible to exclude yourself from betting sites and block them both in the browser and on the phone.

To do so, just continue on the ADM portal. The AAMS portal is no longer enabled for this operation.

From the settings, you can activate self-exclusion, valid for all bookmakers with AAMS ADM license. You will be able to indicate the duration and revoke it only and only at the end of the established period.

Support number 800 558822 is also present, to request it over the phone. In addition, self-exclusion can be carried out on individual websites by contacting operator assistance.

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