The Best Anime to Watch on Netflix


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The best anime to watch on netflix

Looking for the Best Anime to Watch on Netflix? Today I will recommend the best anime that can be watched in the biggest Streaming, some are still in the Portuguese language, have you watched all of the list?

There are many anime on Netflix, some go unnoticed or don't attract your attention initially. Some anime movies may also be on the list. I saved some surprises for the end, so don't miss it! I will try to avoid talking about anime that most know like Naruto, One Piece and others.

I have a small request to make, this article was a lot of work, in addition to images and synopses we also put a trailer for each anime. For this reason we ask and thank you in advance if you can share with friends on social networks. It is so much content that my browser even crashes when editing the article.

Great Pretender

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The best anime to watch on netflix

What did I think of Great Pretender?

It was one of my favorite anime of 2020, an anime totally different from the traditional ones that catches the viewer with many surprises and unexpected things. It's funny how this deceiving anime manages to deceive even those who watch.

The anime is available in Portuguese and has two seasons on Netflix. It is an original Netflix anime without being based on a manga or other, it also manages to bring together people of different nationalities in stories that take place in different parts of the world.

Great Pretender trailer


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