The best and saddest soundtracks in Japan - SAD OST

In today's article we will talk about soundtracks, or OST (Original Soundtrack) that are all the background music present in films, series, games, anime and others.

I've chosen some sad, depressing songs that go deep in the heart. Those songs that complete the scene that leave you depressed for weeks, that touch you can't stop listening to. A perfect combination of violin, piano and other instruments.

Remembering that the songs below are my indications, they are not the saddest in the world, this article is not a ranking of sad and depressing songs, only my recommendations. The songs are not only here because they are sad but because they are beautiful.

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Challenge – Guess the Anime from the OST Music

Before we talk about the sad songs of anime, I want to challenge you to know if you really understand the soundtrack through the video below:


Let's start by talking about the best and saddest anime soundtracks. Almost every anime has a song that is kept and that depresses anyone who hears it.

Anime Steins; Gate a classic with a sad and perfect story, full of suspense and thriller, has a perfect soundtrack with the songs Believe me, Gate of Steiner, Expected Farewell, Solitude and others.


Anime Aldnoah.Zero accompanies several songs that touch the heart, mainly the Vers [Original Piano]. Sword Art Online with A Tender Feeling. 

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a sad anime accompanied by a totally sad piano soundtrack and makes any grown man cry. One of the most notable tracks in this anime is Kujikesou ni Naru Watashi wo Sasaete Kudasai and Kimi no Uso.


In the anime Hunter x Hunter we have the piano version of the song Hyōri Ittai ~ Lamento for piano“, Nagareboshi Kirari (Version for Orchestra), Instrumental Reason. 

Here's another short list with sad OST from the animes:

  • Sadness and Sorrow - Naruto
  • Here With You - Mirai Nikki
  • Ichiban No Takaramono - Angel Beats!
  • Fairy Tail Main Theme (Slow Version) - Fairy Tail
  • The Servant of Evil - The Story of Evil
  • With Your Drill - Gurren Laggan
  • Town Flow of Time People - Clannad
  • Roaring Tides – Clannad
  • Nee Nana / Oyasumi nana – Nana
  • Mikazuki no Supotoraito - Nana
  • Kizutstuite mo - Nana


The saddest songs I've ever met in games was Memories, Eryth Sea Night and Main Theme of the game Xenoblade Chronicles Wii.


It's not so sad but the music Zelda's Lullaby and Harp “Ballad of the Goddess” Zelda franchise leaves a very deep mark.

Below is a short list of other songs that I recommend:

  • Elli's Theme - Harvest Moon - Back to nature
  • Fear Not This Night – Guild Wars 2
  • Dearly Beloved II – Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Shenhua Sedge Flower – Shenmue Orchestra
  • The Farthest Land (Reprise) – Shadow of the Colossus
  • Born a Stranger – To the Moon OST

Movies and dramas

Below is a list of the most beautiful and sadest OST of Japanese dramas and films.