Do Anime take a wrong view of Japan?


Many believe that anime and manga pass a wrong and distorted view to foreigners and Westerners of what the real Japan is like. Is Japan really different from anime? Let’s discuss this in this article.

Of course, in Japan we find no struggles with powers, supernatural and absurd things as they do in many anime. Other than that, anime often represent Japan’s vision for the Japanese very well.

Is Japan different from anime?

The anime look a lot like real life because producers and creators go to schools or prominent locations just to take photos and make their animations based on real-life environments and scenarios.

The Japanese also create their works based on their life stories, cities, establishments, shops, festivals, events, singers, idols and many other things that represent real life in Japan.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

Of course, animations are still a way for the Japanese to come out of their reality. That’s why many are fanciful or don’t match real life. We can see this in the hair, body and eyes of the characters.

I’ll tell you! Most anime perfectly represent real life in Japan. Still, Brazilians living in Japan and even Japanese say Japan will disappoint those who knew it through the anime. Is?

Some people only believe in things seeing. During my trip to Japan, I came across a number of situations that made me think i was inside an anime. Unfortunately many don’t even want to live experiences.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?
Tada-kun is an example of the sight otakus can have from Japan.

I personally believe that Brazilian newspapers generalize more than anime. As much as they just present a certain event, they manipulate people much more using emotion than the anime themselves.

It is worth remembering that the fact that the anime fail to show certain things, does not mean that it is causing a wrong view of Japan, it is just keeping a focus on a particular subject or reality that may be different for some.

Are the Japanese the same in the anime?

In the anime we have japanese hospitable, fun and that make us fall in love more and more with the culture and customs of Japan. Unfortunately some Westerners and Brazilians living in Japan have a different view.

Many can’t get along with most Japanese, who are largely elderly cranky or teenagers. This does not mean that anime no longer represent these bad characters.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

It is obvious to imagine that every human being is different from each other, but those who are passionate about Japan and those who hate living in Japan cannot reach any middle ground.

The anime perfectly represent the personality, culture and custom of the Japanese. If you disagree with this, you’re probably associating with the wrong Japanese, or simply generalizing.

Even screams, language, clothing, accent and other features are perfectly represented. yes, really the Japanese talk and act that way. Japan is really bizarre as it looks in anime and doramas.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

Even the strangest personality you encounter in some anime, you can be sure you probably have some Japanese like that. The Japanese write their stories based on experience and their own culture.

Most Japanese don’t like anime or just watch one and the other. So don’t even try to chat randomly with anyone about your passion for anime. For them are just drawings!

What are the lies presented in the anime?

Rarely will you stumble and fall on the breasts or panties of Japanese in schools. The school uniform is not short as presented in the anime, although the Japanese actually wrap their skirts to be short.

Some schools turn a blind eye, but most do not allow shortening the skirt within the school. Outside of school on the way or on trains you will find Japanese students with extremely short skirts.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

Some small details in schools change in animations. Most schools don’t let students have lunch on the roof. Many things that happen in anime end up being less intense in real life.

In the anime the characters laugh loudly and make faces. In real life this can happen yes, but it’s not common. They value respect in the environment and laugh low. The way they talk and react, things are still identical to anime.

The student council has no supreme power over the school equal the anime show. They just help teachers hold events and organize things.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

Young people in anime use a different language that should not be used in real life. Although actually some young people talk in such a way, the anime kind of exaggerate a little, causing some Westerners to learn Japanese in the wrong way.

Below I will list once again some lies presented in the anime:

  • Do not grope breasts or pull panties;
  • They do not always eat lunch on roofs;
  • They are free and do whatever they want;
  • There is no power over the school;
  • They don’t talk slang all the time;
  • You do not have an informal language;

What are the truths presented in the anime?

Some people distrust absent parents in the anime and their children in high school are already independent or even live alone. In fact, I met a Japanese woman who her 15-year-old son was totally independent and was already thinking of living alone.

I also met a couple of friends, children of Brazilians who have been simply abandoned in Japan since childhood. When you find characters in the anime with a past like that, don’t think it’s impossible.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

All those romantic clichés, shyness, perversion, pretty much everything is true. In schools, school clubs, festivals, events and the entire educational system is truly represented in anime.

Many disagree with the anime by presenting characters with a life full of adventures while they suffer by working. Many Japanese work as convicts, but I also noticed that there is a lot of Japanese act.

Of course there are many other truths from Japan that the anime represent well.

I will list below once again the truths that anime represents:

  • They are independent;
  • Tragic past;
  • They’re shy;
  • Strange talk;
  • School events;
  • They travel a lot;
  • They make faces;
  • Shorten the skirts;

Will real Japan disappoint the otakus?

Japan only disappoints anyone who wants, unfortunately life is not easy for foreigners or even Japanese who rely on a tight workload full of overtime. Life really isn’t fun that way.

Animemost often choose characters who have a life act or are young students. The reality of an adult alien is totally different, it is not easy to enter Japanese society.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?
This is an Onsen in Hokkaido, on the way in I had this surprise!

Even young people have difficulty socializing at school because of some social exclusion together. You may have seen in anime a student being excluded by the whole class because of an influential person.

It can be difficult to adapt to the customs and norms that the Japanese possess. Still, after you do, you’ll see that the doors will open and all your negative view of Japan will disappear.

Those who consider themselves Otaku and are passionate about anime, will need caution, because they are not well regarded by Japanese society. Still, I believe you’re going to feel in the clouds when you come across anime traits everywhere.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?
Everything in Japan is cute, even street reforms.

If you are a tourist and like anime, you will not have disappointments beyond the prices of anime products (lol). All of Japan will delight you, you don’t have to be afraid or be afraid because of some critics.

If you’re going to live in Japan, get ready for the tiresome routine and face embarrassing situations with some stupid Japanese. But remember, good and bad people exist anywhere.

Don’t let the anime distort your vision

Although the anime portray real life well, remember that Japan is much more than the anime shows. Even if an animation presents everyday life or culture, it focuses only on a small thing.

Usually those who are addicted to anime and say love Japan, do not usually take the real steps to know the country. Sometimes you don’t even have the real motivation to learn the language.

Do anime take a wrong view of japan? - otaku anime 1

Don’t think you know all of Japan just by watching anime. Most of the time neither Brazilians nor the Japanese themselves know absolutely everything in the country in which they live.

I even asked several things about Japan for the Japanese and they could not answer. Knowledge is something growing, you will take your whole life, but you won’t know everything. So don’t try to look smarter than anyone.

Some believe getting smarter by watching anime, but in reality it can hold you in the comfort zone and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams or taking the first steps to reality. So be careful and controlto differentiate the world from anime and the real world.

Do I think Japan is different from the anime?

When I first arrived in Japan, I found it absolutely identical to the anime. Practically everything I’ve seen and experienced is equal to most Japanese animations that show everyday life.

I actually had trouble writing this article, since I can’t think of things that are a lie in anime. I know there are many, but kind of are pretty obvious or just doesn’t represent most.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?
Students at Matsuri, just like the anime.

anime teach important details of Japanese culture, traditional customs, festivals, temples, shrines and castles. These are details that many Brazilians who live in Japan do not even know or respect.

Japan is the only foreign country in which I am able to walk freely everywhere without being afraid and without losing myself. I learned everything I needed watching anime and they made my trip much more satisfying.

I didn’t let myself down at all with Japan I met. I befriended several Japanese and Brazilians, even with strangers I met on the street. I had a vision that many Japanese love foreigners.

If you have a depressing view of Japan, don’t hold on to it. I know it must be boring if you come across situations of prejudice in schools or at work where Japanese thiozão are already stressed and take it out on you.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?
Japanese i knew out of nowhere on the street of Ginza have already taken me to a music club.

Try changing your negative view! Unfortunately this negativity just spoils your life, makes you unhappy and does not help you find happiness in the little things. Try to associate only with positive and cheerful people, in which you find the hills in Japan.

anime that represent real life well

Below I will comment a little on my favorite anime that helped me know life in Japan. Generally seinen anime that are targeted at adults represent better the reality of Japan.

One of my favorite everyday animeis is Uchuu Kyoudai, who portrays a 30-year-old Japanese man who tries to become an astronaut, showing the whole process and difficulty in fulfilling such a dream.

Another very popular anime that most Japanese have watched, is called Detective Conan, he is apparently childish and has some illogical details, but he is one of the most teaching about japan’s culture and traditions. An anime for the whole family, very intelligent, reminds CSI and even my mother watches.

Do anime distort your vision of japan?

You can also search for anime of the slice of life genre. This genre shows the slice of life of the Japanese, the realism and the daily experiences that the Japanese live in schools or at work, usually involving art, romance, music or sport.

Well, I hope this little article helped explain that the anime don’t distort anyone’s view of real Japan. Only if the person is crazy to think that in Japan has dragons, mages, flying samurai and etc.

Do you think the anime represent real life well in Japan? You think they create a misrepresented view of reality? I hope to see your sharing and comment on the subject!

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