The 6 best apps for parents

While some parents complain that their children spend all day on their phones, others are keeping up with the younger generation and mastering new technologies. These are useful apps for parents, which have an interface similar to bookmakers online in its usability, and they will become your real helpers.

Family Link

This is Google's child monitoring software which makes it more popular. It offers almost the full range of classic features – from setting time limits to tracking the child's location.

There is a function to remotely lock the child's smartphone via the parent's smartphone - it is useful if the child is playing and things are idle. But unfortunately, there is no function to block unacceptable content.

The app also allows you to create a family group, inviting up to five people to join it. All group members will have access to the same notes and calendar and will be able to send reminders to each other with the help of Google Assistant.

Family Link users have noticed that the location and complexity of the configuration is not very accurate. However, Google Support promptly comes to the rescue, and that can't help but be glad.

- the 6 best apps for parents

ESET NOD32 Parental Control

This program will help parents of young children and elementary and high school students to control the use of smartphones and tablets. The app blocks website visits according to 20 categories and allows you to create your own lists.

You can monitor your child's online activity and get reports for the day, week or month. The app controls the periods of time the device can be turned on and can adjust it to school hours, for example.

- the 6 best apps for parents

Life 360

Life 360 will save you a lot of time and nerves – because you will always know where your kids or even your spouse are. The application allows you to obtain information about the location of family members in real time based on data from a GPS module or by checking social networks. That way, parents can be notified when their child arrives at school and returns home.

- the 6 best apps for parents
Life 360

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Strange as it may sound, the What-what app is designed to take your child's mind off smartphones and have fun with the family. Every week, you have two ideas to help you have fun with your kids.

You just need to specify the child's gender and age, and the system will pick up unusual games for you. For example, go all day without electricity or decorate the elevator with pictures and brilliant photos. And if you want more interesting options for leisure, you can buy 25 more original ideas.


It's a simple program for self-planning: you can make to-do lists, provide feedback, and set deadlines for yourself. It is especially helpful for parents with two or more children to keep information about all family plans and receive timely reminders about their deadlines.

The paid version implies joint use with other users. So parents and children can receive reminders about tutoring classes, a school meeting, or a trip to the country house.

- the 6 best apps for parents
top 6 apps for parents

7 Minute Workout

Most mothers have a hectic daily schedule where they have to “do it all. At the end of the day, especially if fatigue builds up, you want at least a few minutes to just focus on yourself – relax, exhale, recharge. This app is just for this case. Installed on any device, it syncs data with Google fit and Fitbit.

In 2013, there was a study in the US that found that HIST exercises help achieve phenomenal results with modest effort.

You only need 7 minutes to complete 13 exercises – maximum benefit, minimum time and no special equipment. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, with 10-second intervals between exercises. If you wish, you can perform several sets during the day or set a desired exercise schedule.

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