The 5 types of Chinese products most sold in Brazil

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According to data from the Special Secretariat for Foreign Trade and International Affairs, Brazil is the 29th country in the list of largest importers in the world. One of Brazil's biggest trading partners is China, which was responsible for shipping 31.3% of the products imported by our country in 2021.

In January 2022 alone, Chinese products were already responsible for 25.8% of imports made by Brazilians. According to data from ComexStat, among the products most imported by Brazilians from Chinese websites are electronic equipment and clothing, two markets heated by international stores such as AliExpress, Shopee, Shein and Wix. 

See below some of the main Chinese products sold in Brazil and which are the international sites that offer these items.

telecommunications equipment

The telecommunications equipment appear at the top of the list of products most imported from China by Brazilians. In this category are transmission equipment, fiber optic lines, signal repeaters, radio devices and devices such as telephones, smartphones, among others.

Stores like AliExpress, Wix, Banggood and Shopee offer a wide variety of these products for Brazilians who want to import from China.

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Office parts and accessories

Another product category that appears among the most imported by Brazilians from the Chinese market is office parts and accessories. These are items such as computers, notebooks, printers, scanners and even large products such as office chairs, desks and others that make up an office.

There are several international stores in China where you can find these items, the main ones being those already mentioned, such as AliExpress and Banggood.

The 5 types of Chinese products most sold in Brazil

clothing products

Clothing, footwear, accessories and other items that are classified as clothing are also among the best-selling Chinese products in Brazil. This is a sector that has gained prominence in recent years in online sales and has drawn attention in several surveys due to the high number of imports carried out by Brazilians in the Chinese market. 

The main Chinese stores that Brazilians look for to buy garments are Shein and Shopee. The two stores are well known among Brazilians and offer great conditions for those looking for savings. AliExpress also appears as a highlight in this sector, mainly in the sale of wedding dresses and party wear.

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Computer parts and accessories

Another product category that is heavily imported by Brazilians from China is computer parts and accessories. Chinese stores have a large market here in Brazil for the sale of computer parts, components and accessories, such as keyboard, mouse, headphone, monitors, memories, cooler, video card, motherboard, processors, among others.

The great advantage of buying on Chinese websites is the variety of products that Brazilians find, as well as the more affordable price when compared to national stores. 

In this category, the stores that stand out the most are Banggood, with its wide variety of IT and telephony products, as well as AliExpress, which is one of the largest international websites that offers many product options, including many IT products.

The 5 types of Chinese products most sold in Brazil

Smartphones and smartwatches

China is also prominent in the manufacture of products such as smartphones and smartwatches, which are among the main products imported by Brazilians in international stores. The main reason for this is the innovative technologies that are developed in China. Nowadays there are several Chinese brands that stand out around the world for being a reference in technology, such as Xiaomi, which is one of the most sought after in the world.

Therefore, smartphones and smartwatches also appear as the main Chinese products that are sold in Brazil. Brazilian consumers are also attracted to these Chinese products due to the low price, which is usually lower due to the cheaper labor and the large number of industries in the technology sector in China. 

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For this category of products, the main stores are Shopee, AliExpress and Banggood, which offer many options for smartphones and smartwatches for those looking for technology with great value for money.

Although Chinese websites have a large audience here in Brazil, the main difficulty they face is to deliver their products quickly. But not even this small problem makes Brazilian consumers stop buying from China.

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