Swearing, slangs and insults in Japanese – Warui Kotoba

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In this article we will share profanity in Japanese, called in the language of warui kotoba [悪い言葉]. You will learn curses, slang, insults and other bad things in the Japanese language. Hope you enjoy the article.

It is worth noting that most of the bad words in Japanese do not have their translation literally offensive. Most of the time the Japanese are insulting themselves with pronouns and other words that for the Portuguese language can be harmless.

In Japan there is not the custom of speaking slang of sexual connotation in public, or profanity of this kind, there are some cases and diversities, but the profanity we know here is not used in Japan.

People often translate these bad words and insults into Japanese incorrectly, making it appear that a word is equivalent to something immoral or offensive in Portuguese. Hardly a Japanese word will be like this, but it can have the same impact.

We realize that they translate things to do nothing to Fuck or Fuck. I remember watching an episode of No Game No Life and the protagonist says dameda [ダメだ] which means Useless, and fansub subtitled it as a badass.

In this article we will understand some of these insults and curses in Japanese, and some other words that have negative effect on conversations. Most insults or the like are sentences and not just a word.

Insults, slangs e Swearing in Japanese

In this table you will not only have profanity, insults or slangs, but any word considered bad (warui kotoba). The words in [] are optional or used to highlight, complement or emphasize the insult.

Baka馬鹿stupid, stupid, stupid, foolish, clown, silly, goofy and stuff.
BusuブスUgly (used more on women).
Busaiku不細工awkward, ugly.
KusoShit, Fuck.
Kimochi warui気持ち悪いDisgusting, horrible, disgusting, nasty (literally, bad feeling.)
Chikushou畜生(It’s an expression of revolt over one circumstance) What the hell! What the fuck! Look at that shit!
Hentai変態Pervert, pervert, sex maniac.
BokeボケLazy, tapir, bum.
TakoタコFearful, Coward (referring to the octopus).
OkamaおかまFagot, Baitola, Boiola, Gay.
KutabareくたばれGet out of here, die, fuck you.
KichigaiキチガイCrazy, retarded, stupid
[do]KechiけちStingy, cow hand, murrinha (can use before to increase.)
Buta/Debu豚/デブYou Pig, Filthy, Fat.
Heta[kuso]下手糞Clumsy, clumsy, is useless, useless.
Kusokurae糞食らえScrew it!
Ikke-nai [ne]いっけないDamn, don’t fuck (lit. won’t, don’t).
Hidoi[i]酷いTerrible, horrible, bad
Saitei [dayo]最低Minor, low, terrible, worse, nasty
Bakemono化け物Monster, horrible thing.
Damatte/Damare [yo]黙って/黙れKanji 黙 means silence, so the full expression means, be quiet or shut up.
YarimanやりまんProstitute, Whore, Girl – Sleeps with anyone.
GakiガキShorty, Brat. It is worth mentioning Chibi – But it is one more loving way…
Chin ChinちんちんPenis.
Manuke間抜けnuance of a silly person, Idiot, retarded
Baka Bakashii馬鹿馬鹿しいAbsurd, ridiculous, crazy

Understanding Japanese Insults and Slang

We can see that the Japanese insults when translating do not have a correct meaning, can mean several words in Portuguese, we also realize the use of word additions and modifications, as in the case of different forms of insult using the word ばか (baka).

Day よ – Dayo – Few examples are cited here, but many insults they end by saying Dayo, to confirm, emphasize and increase the insult. Dayo is one of the forms of the verb to be.

Fusion of other insults is also used to increase them as in the case of Baka + Aho / Baka + Yaro / Baka + Mono. It is also possible to use them even as prefix or suffix in names.

Swearing, slangs and insults in Japanese - Warui Kotoba - baka 1

It is also worth remembering that profanity and some insults can be written in Katakana, as in the case バ カ, and are often seen in katakana in manga and books, to have a strong and special effect.

There are also insults using the very term “You” as in the case of kisama, fear that means you, but according to the tone of voice, or region, this can be an insult.

Japanese insult phrases

To conclude the article, we will also see some phrases, questions and answers that can become insults. Realize that there are different ways to say such phrases, and remember that the phrases below must be pronounced strongly, otherwise they will be normal phrases, not insults.

Nanda-yo?/ Nani-yo?/何だよ?What is yours ? What’s it? (Used in the hours of anger with authoritative tone.)
Namen jyaneyoなめんじゃねよ
To the letter e: Don’t lick me, that is, don’t underestimate me, don’t flinch, don’t step on the ball.
Nante ittan-dayo? / Nante itta no?なんて言ったんだよ?What did you say?
Fuzakenai deyo! / Fuzakeruna yo!ふざけないでよ!
Stop acting stupid! Do not underestimate me!
Baka yamete yo [yamero, yamena, yatten ]ばかやめてよ
Stop being stupid.
Baka iwanai deyo! / Baka ittenna yo!バカ言わないでよ!Don’t say stupid things!
Kakko tsukenna yoかっこ付けんなよ
Don’t try to be Cool / Stop showing.
Bukkoroshite yaru!ぶっ殺してやるI’ll end with you. (To the letter is: I will beat to death.)
Kono yaro!このやろ
I’ll catch you, unfortunate, hey you… [says that before punching someone].
Eraso ni suruna yo!偉そうにするなよDon’t be so cocky!
Nani sama no tsumori?何様のつもりWho do you think you are?
Keri wo tsuke yoze!けりをつけようぜ
Let’s get this over with.
Nande sonna koto shita no?何でそんなことしたのWhy did you do that?

I hope you enjoyed this list of Japanese curses and curse words. We recommend reading our article that talks in detail about one of the most used profanity in the Japanese language, read our article about Baka and its real meaning.

If you liked the article share it and leave your comments. To finish the article I will leave some videos about curse words in Japanese for you to listen and learn.

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