Bizarre Laws - 24 Forbidden Things in Japan

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In this article we are going to talk about 24 things prohibited in Japan. Some laws make complete sense, but their punishment can be quite high and inseparable compared to other countries. Others are considered quite strange.

As we all know, each country has its laws and rules to follow, and everyone who lives in any of them is bound to comply with them. In Japan it is no different, everyone, even tourists, has to follow its rules, so if you don't want to go to Japan and end up falling into a cold, come and see these 24 things prohibited in this country.

1 - Cycling with an umbrella;

In Brazil, it is not very common to walk around with an open umbrella when riding a bicycle, but there are people who use it when they are riding in rainy or even sunny weather.

But in Japan, during rainy weather I can use an umbrella when I'm cycling.

The answer to that question is no. In Japan it is illegal to use an open umbrella while cycling even if it is raining, its law is strict and if not followed it can have consequences.

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2 - Riding drunk

It is no longer news to anyone that drunk driving is prohibited in all countries, including the Japan, and in Japan it is also considered illegal to ride a bike after that night of drinking, and this law is also a very strict law and all the inhabitants of Japan tend to be submissive, and this also goes for those who want to take a tour on vacation.


As mentioned before, those who disobey for pedaling drunk in Japan will have a fine of JP¥ 1 million (R$ 39,230.00*) and five years imprisonment. It is worth remembering that bicycles are considered light vehicles in Japan. I'm sure you don't want to disobey this law.

Bike injuries, woman cyclist fell down while cycling, injured both knees
Weird Laws - 24 things banned in japan

3 - Bicycles on the sidewalk

In Brazil, it is very common to see bicycles left on the sidewalks where we walk, whether even in large movements. But in Japan there is also a very strict law with this kind of thing, it is considered illegal especially where there are big movements like Tokyo.

This law also determines that cycling on sidewalks is only allowed for children aged 13 and over, and adults over 70 or people with reduced mobility.

Normally this is a rule that may result in the cyclist receiving a verbal warning. However, he can be fined if he is carrying someone on the back.


In this case, the fine is JP¥ 20 thousand (R$ 784.60*).

This value can also be applied in case of bicycles without lighting at night or for using headphones while pedaling.

Bicycle parking lot tokyo japan stock photo stock images stock pictures
Weird Laws - 24 things banned in japan

4 — Crossing the street without the sign being open

Although this practice is carried out indiscriminately by many Japanese and even foreigners, crossing the street without the pedestrian sign is open is against the traffic laws in Japan, so if you don't want trouble, it's best to follow the law.


Hardly anyone will be fined for this, but depending on the officer's mood, the offender can pay JP¥50,000 (R$ 1,961.50*) and take a three-month vacation in the Japanese prison system.

Nighttime in tokyo, japan
Weird Laws - 24 things banned in japan

5 — Cell phone on steering wheel

This infraction practice we are all already aware that can cause us great consequences, this applies not only to Japan, but to all countries we know contains this law that it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving.

Since the introduction of “smartphones”, they have caused serious accidents due to sometimes just a simple call that can distract the driver from the traffic.


The simple fact that you take that simple look at your cell phone even for the GPS gives you a fine of 18,000 yen JP¥ 18,000 (R$ 706.14*) and six points. Automatically giving a one to six month suspension of the license to drive.

If considered a traffic hazard and prosecuted as a criminal offence, the fine jumps to JP¥300,000 (R$ 11,769.00*) or a term in prison.

Woman makes phone call, in summer city parking lot near shopping center, reversing in parking lot. Pink dress sunglasses listening to message on a cell phone.

6 — Smoking in public places

Smoking in public places is considered illegal in Japan, so if you who like to smoke go to Japan, avoid it, go to an area reserved for smokers and there you can smoke with others without problems.

Businessman smoking after stress break from work in office, busy raining city background
Weird Laws - 24 things banned in japan

7 — Umbrella theft

In this aspect, Japan differs from other countries, as it is quite common there to find places to put wet umbrellas, and as you already know, stealing these umbrellas is certainly considered illegal and it may be that you be taken to prison for this infraction.

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8 — Alcoholic beverage for under 20s

The consumption of alcoholic beverages for young people under 20 is considered illegal in Japan, although it is something easy to buy and it would be good to avoid if you are under 20 years old.

9 — Parking in prohibited places

Thousands of Japanese use bicycles, and in large cities there is mainly nowhere to park, which leads them to park in prohibited places.


Such an infraction can lead to you having your bike or vehicle in the yard having to fork out your 5000 yen to withdraw.

Toyota supra coupe front view in gray with a spoiler in park of

10 — Talking loudly in public transport

One of the common habits of Brazilians is to talk through public transport. This can also happen in Japan.

But it will be disrespectful to the people next to you if someone starts talking loudly. As hard as it is to imagine, on public transport in Japan people don't talk aloud to them when necessary they whisper or choose to be quiet. So when you're there, you know: be quiet.

11 — Staring at people or taking pictures of them on the street

Maybe you may have spotted someone with some clothes or an object that you liked and want one just like it, and maybe you'll think about taking a picture of him hidden, but know that in Japan the Japanese don't like to be stared at, let alone someone taking pictures. their. So, to avoid causing an inconvenience, avoid these things.

12take medicine

Taking medicine to Japan can be tricky, as there are some restrictions on the quantity of some items. Certain amounts of medicine that are considered normal in our country are actually not in Japan. So when you go on your trip, avoid taking too much medicine, because it can be barred.

13 — It is forbidden to travel to artântica without notifying the Government

Most people do not need to notify the government where they are traveling. But in Japan, if you're going to Antarctica, you have to do that because of a treaty Japan signed with Antarctica in 1997.

In order to protect Antarctica from environmental damage, Japan needs notice and approval from people who wish to visit the site, whether for tourism or research. Failure to meet these requirements can result in a fine of up to 500,000 yen.

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14 — No Participating in Wars

After Second World War, Japan became an ally of the US and signed an agreement that prevents it from participating in any kind of war, or having any kind of army. That, in japan there is no army.

15 — Divorce of Women

By law, divorced women must wait six months before remarrying. If the woman gives birth during this period, the child will be legally considered the child of the ex-husband.

16 — Japanese birth and citizenship

If a Japanese citizen impregnates a foreigner, he must recognize the child during the pregnancy. Only then will the child be able to have Japanese nationality, otherwise, only the 20-year-old will be able to register as an adult.

17 - Can't be without a bra

There is a Japanese law that requires women to wear a bra in air-conditioned places, the purpose of this law is to prevent harassment at work.

18 — Can't Expose Thighs and Butts

Although many Japanese girls wear miniskirts, it is illegal to expose their thighs or buttocks in public under the Misdemeanor Act, passed in 1948. It is likely that this law has fallen by the wayside.

However, most people are unaware of the law that is rarely enforced, but under misdemeanor law, anyone who violates this rule can face up to 29 days in jail.

Burikko – Japanese women with excess cuteness

20 — No Damage or Throwing Money Away

In Japan, it is forbidden to damage or discard money (banknotes and coins), with a fine of 200,000 yen and up to 1 year in prison. You have doubts about this law, do it in front of the Japanese authority and watch what happens. Bizarre no?

21 — It is forbidden to make clones in Japan

Cloning yourself sounds cool and fun, but in Japan, human cloning experiments have been illegal since 2001. Despite being very specific, it can lead to fines and imprisonment.

If a human is cloned, they will be sentenced to 10 years in prison or a fine of 10,000,000 yen (almost US$ 100,000). The law was created to prevent scientists from engaging in human cloning research.

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22 — It is forbidden to wet a pedestrian with a car

There's nothing scarier than being drenched by a car that refuses to slow down on a rainy day. Such careless driving is unacceptable in Japan, and drivers can be fined up to 7,000 yen.

The law also requires vehicles to be fitted with bumpers or to slow down when it rains to avoid compromising pedestrian safety. If you get wet by a car, just photograph the vehicle and report it.

23 — It is forbidden to force someone to drink in Japan

It is illegal to get others drunk in Japan. So be careful the next time you serve drinks. Forcing someone to drink or being pushy can be considered bullying.

24 — Marriage only over 18

Sex in Japan is allowed from the age of 13, but marriage is only allowed after the age of 18. It is worth remembering that the age of majority in Japan is at the age of 20, the minimum age to consume drinks.

In the past, Japanese law stipulates that girls can marry at 16 and boys cannot marry until they are 18. But now the rules have changed and the minimum age for marriage is 18 for both sexes.

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