Stop believing everything you read on the internet!

Daily I walk on social media and come across thousands of fake news and widespread posts being shared by millions of Brazilians. Today I found the height of absurdity!

Now I don't even know what's worse, who created this fake news or the huge amount of people who believe and share it. Prevent this tragic thing from happening by sharing this article with others! 

This internet really sucks! The Japanese already suffer from stereotypes that they eat insects, work non-stop, are cold and 300 other generalizations that end up generating hatred against the Japanese. Imagine now after I found this information created by a racist idiot?An article and facebook post is reporting that a restaurant in Tokyo is selling human flesh. See the fake news below: Stop believing everything you read on the internet!

The Full Post posted by the Real Facts page +18 says: 

    • The first “legal” human meat restaurant was opened in Tokyo. The place is far from the city, but it receives many visits from curious people who want to know what human flesh is like.
    • According to an Argentinian user, who was the first South American to visit this place, human meat tastes similar to pork, but with a slightly tougher texture. Also, it depends on the part you try, and the buttocks are the softest part, according to the portal El Debate.
    • This human flesh is obtained from people who, before dying, decide to sell their bodies to be consumed.
    • Dishes at this restaurant border on 1,200 euros (like 908,000 Chilean pesos) and the reason they are so expensive is that their origin is official.
    • A person who decides to sell his body for consumption can receive up to 30 thousand euros for this, but only if the “donor” is young, the older he is, the lower the payment for his body. In addition, this money is obtained by the family, since the payment is made after the donor dies.

The truth: The photos in the image refer to an advertisement made to promote the game Resident Evil 6 many years ago. These images are not even from Japan, but from an advertisement in London, as shown in the video below:

Stop sharing everything on the internet

This is just one example of the millions of fake news that are spread all the time on the internet, WhatsApp and facebook. It's already turning into a cancer so many lies being spread on the internet. It's the fault of people who believe anything they read and share it!

If you receive a message or audio on whatsapp, which asks you to share, send it to other people or groups, the chances of being a lie are 90%. If an article uses expressions like "miracle cure", "you won't believe it", "secret revealed" or any flashy title, chances are it's a lie.

Before you share something, search for it on google and check sites like and e-farces. Anything that seems too good or too bad is often a lie.

Even if a news story is true, read it! I once found a news item saying that people were dying from worms in sushi. People were desperately sharing on facebook saying they would never eat sushi again. I went to read the original news, there it said that less than 200 people have been infected and less than 50 have died in the last 20 years because of this worm. More people die drinking water!

In addition to lying, people also exaggerate the news!

Stop believing everything you read on the internet!

For the love of God! Check the source before sharing things, check the related news from the source's website, if it's always headlines that catch your eye it's 90% the news is fake. These days there is a terrible wave of websites being created to attract visitors from social networks through sensational and absurd titles, images and videos that make anyone share out of emotion.

When you see a lie like that, it's no use just saying it's a lie in the comments. Do something useful to stop this wave of lying news, REPORT IT the page for facebook support! As the news is fake, and it can still spread hate, the best thing to do is to report it.

People need to stop believing everything they read! To prevent this from happening, share articles like this, responsible for making people aware of lies! I'm tired of seeing so many lies on the internet!

Stop believing everything you read on the internet!

From the country where people believe that putting a water bottle on top of a watch case lowers the energy bill. xD I can't stand so much lack of knowledge here in Brazil! That's why the country is not moving forward!

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